Doing Keto solely to lose weight? Read this

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I started my Keto journey with the Dr. Bernstein diet, which isn’t strictly Keto per se but after I lost 40 lbs in 3 months it was too expensive to maintain. I planned early on to do it on my own by researching Keto diets. Getting a carb counting app like Catb Manager has kept me honest and helped me set goals related to macros without stressing and obsessing. I do measure blood ketones but most of all I believe in not cheating myself by guessing at portion sizes or carb counts. Weighing food portions and using the barcode scanner in my app has helped me make good eating decisions and I’ve been losing 2 pounds a week. I too struggle with hormonal issues since I’m 40+ and peri menopausal. So it’s hard but consistency means a lot in this situation


I never heard of this but when I searched apparently this is a Canadian diet.

What is the difference between this diet and regular keto other than they calorie restricti in addition to low carb it seems

Can you tell us a little more about it. After 3 months I would imagine you really do not need them anymore or is there a reason to stick with them if money is not an issue

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Hi Saphire…it’s a medically directed diet that allows you to eat 2 very low fat protein sources a day, 3.5 oz each, 2 servings low carb breads, 2-5oz servings of low carb berries, and 2- 8 oz servings of high fiber low carb veggies. They give you Vit B 6/12 injections at each visit and do ekectrolyte supplements as well. They test for ketones with each visit and surprisingly, even with those level of carbs the ketostix always showed a high level of ketones. Now that I’m on Keto on my own I’m ingesting 15 net carbs, 71g protein and 89 g fat. My blood ketones are anywhere from 1.5 to 2.7. I’m not certain if I’m Keto adjusted but I sure feel great…no longer tired, sleeping better than I have in years


I started the keto diet Jan 28, 2018. I measured everything, blood glucose, blood keto’s, body measurements, body pictures, body fat monitor. Read all the books and forums. Know a lot about keto. I work out 3-4 times a week. Strength training, treadmill, swimming (1 mile). Never cheat. No weight loss. Lowered my macros 3 months in - to carbs 4, protein 17, fats to 130. Lost three pounds. Yeah me. My keto levels were up into the 1.5 - 2.9 for one week about 4 weeks ago. Then dropped back down to below .9. Haven’t measure since the end of May. Don’t know if I am fat adapted. God you’d think by now I would be.

The ONE thing I know for sure… no carbs and no sugars for me = no weight gain. I will stay on keto forever. I hold on to the idea that I have healing going on inside me. Otherwise I am just going to be fat. Fit, but fat.

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To me, losing the weight is much more important than the waistline because I’m a climber. I’m overweight and the weight is making certain climbs harder for me. So I’m working on improving my diet through keto, though I do eat a lot of protein after climbing to keep my muscles rebuilding. I’m losing consistently .6 lbs a week but I haven’t been on it too long so I’m not sure if that’ll change. I’m pretty happy with that amount though.

If you’re like me and weight does matter, you do have to be careful being obsessed with the scale. I always check it at the sametime, same day, every week and record my weight. I wouldn’t check it more than once a week. One thing to know about weight loss, with any diet it’s never a full decline in weight, it goes up and down but the median (average) should be that it gets lower. If you for some reason check your weight daily, and notice your weight go up, that’s not something you did wrong… that’s normal.

Sometimes I do get curious during the week and check an extra time and I’ll have gone up, but I don’t record it. On my record days I check my weight, and so far I’m always lower. If it ever is higher though, don’t stress it.

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I started Keto after losing all my “extra” pounds. The structure is what I love. Overall wellness is what I’m pursuing now. I know for most it’s about the weight loss. But there are some of us chasing those extra health benefits. This is my way of eating. I do not need to diet. I’m at a “healthy” weight (some would say I’m underweight), so Keto to me has nothing to do with weight loss.

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Ml/mg of each electrolyte please?! My ankles are puffy.


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I started adding a teaspoon of salt to my broth. Then I purchased a supplement called Keto Vitals. You can get it on Amazon. I also cut back on water. I love water and I was drinking over 64 oz a day if you count evening ( always have a bottle of water by my side). Someone on this forum told me I was “water logged” and to add back electrolytes. The problem resolved itself within 3 days. Make sure you are not over 64 oz of water per 24 hours and get enough salt, potassium and magnesium . Good luck!


Thank you.

Are you still losing on keto? Are you less hungry?

Someone I know did something similar about 2 years ago. She lost a ton of weight through a nutritionist. As of last summer it was still off. I will see her soon and hopefully she has maintained her loss.

To be honest when she described it the low fat and lower protein was not something I thought I could sustain. I have been on moderate carb highish protein and moderate fat many times and I always cheat. Sometimes for one day and sometimes for weeks. They are usually spontaneous cheats which means I was not in control and the urge was overwhelming. While I have been stalled for many months on keto after an initial 35 lbs weight loss (after losing an additional 15 lbs while being dedicated to moderate carb), I rarely cheat and when I have (which over the course of a year I can count on one hand) it is usually planned ahead (eg I am going to a wedding this week and am seriously considering having sushi if they have it). I am rarely tempted these days even if I am hungry. I paid a condolence call yesterday and they were serving pizza and cake and I was offered and not even tempted in the least

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This isn’t exactly correct. The poor health conditions are causing the excess weight. I am Type 2 diabetic and was told for years that I needed to lose the weight to control the diabetes, high blood glucose, heart afib, neuropothy, etc etc. My extensive personal research led me to the ketogenic diet and this great community where I have learned so much about the truth and what little the doctors really know. Diebetes is a response to a bigger metabolic issue called insulin resistance which in short causes many many other things as well. The weight loss on a ketogenic diet takes second place to the healing of many other problems first.
This will explain a lot -

and listen to these podcasts -


This. Totally this. Weight loss is great, and yes that’s why I started, and one reason I continue. But the impact on my stress, anxiety and hunger means my life is so much more liveable. Totally love your post @MooBoom- just :heart:

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@Swiftynix I’m so glad the post has been well received. I had to write it because I was finding it so hard to see people turning away from Keto because it wasn’t giving instant dramatic results.

Patience, research, experimentation- almost all people who start on a Keto journey will need these things in spades but it WILL pay off over time. It’s not a quick fix for most, but it’s worth staying the course.

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If you have more questions ask. This is a great community that wants to help.:wink::slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi there its been six months why cant i get higher than 1.8? then overnight right back to .7

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Sounds like you’re chasing ketones- which isn’t necessary. After 6 months Keto you should be well fat adapted, and your body will be efficiently producing and utilising ketones so they may not be as high as when you first started out, and your body was overproducing ketones.

As for why they are lower in the morning, type ‘dawn effect’ into the search bar and have fun researching :blush:

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@MooBoom is right that chasing ketones isn’t really a true measurement as you are only measuring the byproduct that your body isn’t using.

The dawn effect pertains more to resting blood glucose levels being elevated in the morning more so than ketones but the reason that you typically see low readings in the morning is because you have been sleeping and the body doesn’t require a high amount of energy so the liver is not metabolizing ketones to fuel it. As you wake and start doing things more energy is required and ketones are made to fill that demand. Hope this helps. :wink:

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I completely understand the frustration, this discussion might shed some light And will explain about the old way of thinking about dieting.

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:joy::joy::joy::joy: Chasing ketones thanks for answering my question! Ok! :+1:

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Thank you soo much!!:slight_smile::+1:


Awesome, well said!!