Doing Keto solely to lose weight? Read this

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Wait until you have blood drawn after you’ve been keto for six months or longer, before you start worrying. Blood work done before then can often be alarming.

If your serum glucose has not come down by the six-month mark, then start to worry about it.

Also, there is a sub-forum where you can post your typical meals and get others to look them over for potential problems.

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Thank you for reinforcing my doubts with such encouragement. Ta

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Thank you. I also like your sense of humour…(the coffee conundrum!):joy:

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I have noticed the exact same thing. God knows how this is…but it is.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi Adrienne, welcome to the forum.

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Have things improved? How are you going?

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Hey Karen I totally agree. After being on keto for over 2 years I have been able to come off 2 high blood pressure medications, along with 1 hypothyroid medication and a high cholesterol medication. I feel my health has drastically improved even if I have another 25 pounds to loose!

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Thanks for this story. I needed to read this.


Very well stated.
Wish more people would drop the word “diet” from keto. Changing your lifestyle to save your life is more like the ket way.


Going to have to change your name from BIG to something more fitting.:grin:

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As the great keto legend Dr. Eric Berg has said, “It’s not lose weight to get healthy, it’s get healthy to lose weight”.