Doing Keto solely to lose weight? Read this

(Robin) #373

I was lucky… the scales showed results pretty quickly, but then slowed down, while my clothes kept getting baggier. A crazy good difference with keto is the fat from my tummy is going away quickly, and not just getting flabby, it’s just shrinking in general. I charted my carbs and macros or two months. Never tested for ketosis. I no longer chart, because I’ve got this. You will too. It may not look the same for you, but you’ll get there. The absolute best perk is that when you truly drop those carbs, the cravings leave with them. That’s still the number one thing I most appreciate. Zero cravings and only eat when I really need to, because it’s not on my mind. I would bet most of us here eat in a 6 or 8 hour time period (Intermittent fasting). That seems to accelerate the process and gives your bod more time to burn baby burn. Have fun with this. And welcome to your new friends. I’m still asking questions, and these folks always help. A great group.