Doing Keto solely to lose weight? Read this

(sudhanshu arora) #322

hehehe…Nice concept. I really enjoyed your thought.

(Marco de Jong) #323

There is nothing wrong with doing research, just don’t obsess about it and don’t think everything is true. There are a lot of opinions and “influences” in the field of nutrition, so just follow trusted sources and be very cautious about posts that don’t reference science (love the science subforum here). Doing research have kept my focus on doing keto (and IF) well, which caused the scale to always move down quite a bit every 2 weeks.

(Kelly Silverman) #324

Thank you, I’m going to check out the science subfourm. I’d like to see some of the research. I’m being patient most definitely because I have insulin resistance to heal.

(Ketoviking) #325

I always circle back around a read this thread every few weeks to remind me I’m doing ok and to KCKO. Especially in my current stall state.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #326

I like the part about rebuilding muscle and bones. It helps to think of no weight loss as a gain in other areas that will make you stronger and healthier. Again, thanks for initial post @MooBoom

(Ellen ) #328

I tried lemon in my water yesterday. Today my ankles are skinny again! Also lost 2lbs.

(Susan) #329

My intention when I started Keto was to lose the weight… I have a longggg way to go, but have lost 36 pounds so far (have over 100 left to go…) but I am losing… and feeling way better then I have in ages… so it is doing much more for me then just losing weight!

It is making me healthier, in many ways. My joints aren’t nearly as achey (I am hoping after all my weight loss this will be even less, as I am small boned and have tons of access weight around my middle, where most of the fat has accumulated. My blood pressure was sky rocket and I bought a blood pressure machine on the advice of my doctor.

He told me to record the numbers twice a day for 2 weeks, which i did, but started Keto and noticed the numbers going down rapidly and consistently and now my blood pressure is normal again! I never went on the medications but I know if I hadn’t gone on Keto that I would have been on them by now.

It is a lifestyle that we are all part of now, not a diet, and there in lies the difference and the success of this as a long term of happy, healthy living!

This forum and all the lovely people on it will make the journey and sustainable aftermath all that much more enjoyable!

(AKA: Stubbly Cantaloupe) #330

Susan, that is fantastic!

I’m so glad you found keto and that your health is steadily improving. In my opinion, it’s the only way to live, because what I was doing before keto wasn’t living.

(Susan) #331

Thanks Darren =) and yes, I am feeling so much better, and my asthma is improving as well. I think this is also because of losing weight and putting less stress on my body, but this is great, getting healthy is awesome.

(Misty Foley) #333

Kiwado have you upped you electrolytes? If you are still tired, try tweaking them. It worked for me. Felt way better. I started with a sugar free sports electrolyte powder and then switched to just adding magnesium, potassium and salt to my water with some lemon juice which has been working fine for me ever since. I do usually add apple cider vineger too which totally grosses my husband out but I like it.

Stalls happen too. I am 7 months in. Stalled from Jan to April according to scale but was still seeing small drops in my measurements regularly and I felt so much better than on SAD that I just kept going. As of July 4 I am down 30lbs and 4 pants sizes since Dec 1. Keep tweaking, you will find what works for you!

(Karen Sharkey) #334

I am so glad to read this article! I’m 70 and was told by my doctor to try this eating plan. Everything is too high: weight, cholesterol, sugar (main reason to try it). Today marks my second week (talk about a newbie!). I lost 7 pounds, then today gained back 2. I was worried until I read this. I don’t feel well now most of the time, and I had to stop exercise classes, but still swim each day, because of this. I’m still trying to figure out how to do this correctly. I saw a nutritionist after the doctor, and she told me this was an awful eating plan and to eat a high-carb diet for my sugar (is she nuts??). I was becoming discouraged (it doesn’t take much these days, sigh) and thought maybe I should just give up, but after reading this article, I’m inspired! Thank you so much!

(Susan) #335

Welcome to the forum Karen.

Hold on to this doctor, this is awesome!!

You are on the right track doing Keto, listen to your doctor, not that nutritionist! Best wishes on your journey. (You might want to look at our Keto woman area of the forum too!)

(Laura Victor) #337

Thanks so much for saying this. I’d been pretty down on myself for how slow my progress is, when others in my accountability group have lost 40-60 pounds – I keep forgetting that they did from the start of the calendar year, and i just started before Memorial Day. Fortunately, they also started getting us all to measure ourselves once a month, and after much procrastination, I did my first followup measurement. Lost 17 inches across 13 body points in the last 5 weeks. And that sounds like so much more of a victory than 7 pounds lost in the same time period. Especially considering how important the waist and hip measurements are to a woman’s health.

Here’s the losses for the last month. Just like calories and net carbs, the inches lost add up! :stuck_out_tongue:

Neck: L.M. 16.0 vs T.M. 15.5
Bicep: L.M. 16 vs. T.M. 14.5
Wrist: L.M. 7 vs. T.M. 6.5
Chest: L.M. 42 vs. T.M. 41
Bust: L.M. 46 vs. T.M 44
Diaphragm: L.M 38 vs. T.M. 37
Waist: L.M. 44 vs. T.M. 42
Abdomen: L.M. 47 vs. T.M 46
Hips: L.M. 50 vs. T.M. 47.5
Thigh: L.M. 29 vs T.M 27
Knee: L.M. 21 vs T.M. 20
Calf: L.M. 19 vs T.M. 18
Ankle: L.M. 11 vs. T.M. 10

L.M. = last month
T.M. = this month

Total inches lost in a month = 17 inches

(Susan) #338

Congratssss you are doing great! You are on the right track, and doing really well. If you have any questions for us, just ask away. We all want you to succeed in your Keto journey.


How long did it take for the anxiety and depression to subside? I am diagnosed anxiety and OCD and I know Keto has helped others. I work on my CBT daily but still get the thoughts regularly. I have been back on Keto for almost a month now, and I am hoping in a few weeks for it to get better.

Last time I went Keto, I was in a good place with my mental health (probably in a remission type of state) so I didn’t notice or care about a significant change with mental healthy. Just curious as I am sure it is not an overnight thing.

Thank you!


I too have lost only about 7 lbs in a few good solid weeks but my husband and I can SEE a difference. Not only do I feel better, but my clothes are starting to fit differently. I am experiencing some fat redistribution, and I hope the weight loss will be more consistent than last time I did Keto (that is slow and steady not rapid and then taper off).

What I love about the OP is that it reminds me of the movie fat head where he talks about how weight gain is a SYMPTOM. It annoys me to no end that obesity is listed as a diagnosed condition/disease in my medical record. It’s not a disease. It’s a symptom. Like anything else, once my body feels better, I know this symptom will go away.

(Stephanie ) #341

I just saw this, sorry for late reply. Ivor Cummins book really helped me realize I had to fast. I did IF, but it wasn’t until I increased to 36+ hr. fasts that my weight actually moved. Like you, I feast on holidays, births, deaths, weddings, etc. - wine, fruit, dairy, the works! When I go to someone’s home for dinner I can usually stay on program, mostly anyway. (I explain that I don’t - and never do - eat gluten so my hosts don’t serve carb feasts, thankfully). But after the feasting, I fast. I have a strict day of keto first, then I fast. My weight goes right back to where it was within a week, or the most, two, and I continue on. It’s a process. This is my life. I’m in no rush. Fasting has been a gift to my health and a wonderful tool. Hope this helps…

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I love the - I don’t care now because keto is my superpower - look in the second pic :fireworks:

(Tracy Dennis) #343

This is super cool to see, and actually so puts things into persective…you have inspired me to measure now! Thanks for this awesome post:) I guess keto somehow grow muscle quickly or our bodies stay hydrated without swelling as much…not sure how it works there, but love your REAL results:)

(Rebecca ) #344

Thank you for sharing your testimony, these stories inspire me and speak the real truth about the benefits of living a Ketogenic Lifestyle.