Doing Keto solely to lose weight? Read this

(sudhanshu arora) #322

hehehe…Nice concept. I really enjoyed your thought.

(Marco de Jong) #323

There is nothing wrong with doing research, just don’t obsess about it and don’t think everything is true. There are a lot of opinions and “influences” in the field of nutrition, so just follow trusted sources and be very cautious about posts that don’t reference science (love the science subforum here). Doing research have kept my focus on doing keto (and IF) well, which caused the scale to always move down quite a bit every 2 weeks.

(Kelly Silverman) #324

Thank you, I’m going to check out the science subfourm. I’d like to see some of the research. I’m being patient most definitely because I have insulin resistance to heal.

(Ketoviking) #325

I always circle back around a read this thread every few weeks to remind me I’m doing ok and to KCKO. Especially in my current stall state.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #326

I like the part about rebuilding muscle and bones. It helps to think of no weight loss as a gain in other areas that will make you stronger and healthier. Again, thanks for initial post @MooBoom