Doing Keto solely to lose weight? Read this

(Reggie) #300

Thank you- CatGirl! All of the info I read did not mention anything about sneezing/runny nose-

Strange though- never had allergy symptoms last so long- still sniffling- off to the drug store for some relief!


(smilekapoor) #301

Very Honest guidance :slight_smile: I adore your point of focusing on better health rather than worrying on scales. Thanks!


I wake up every morning with a runny nose. I never had to blow my nose in the morning before starting keto. My nose is not stuffy all the time anymore so maybe things are able to drain now. Once I get it all out I am good to go for the day. In all I find it a good trade off.

(Diane) #303

I’ve found just the opposite. Pre-keto, I always woke up with a stuffy nose and had to clear it out for the day before I could breathe easily. I also contracted frequent sinus infections.

Now, I wake up breathing easily. I haven’t had any sinus infections over the past year and a half (although I did have a weird, brief period of clear sinus drainage when I started a bunch of supplements meant to help with my CFS symptoms and to help support liver function- read detox).

(ange) #304

Thank you for this, I am a newbie and this reality check is what I needed (although if you do figure out how we become unicorn please let me know). Week One 2kg down now 4 weeks in no other change. Will stick with it, listen to my body and trust that as I get healthier my body might release some of the day excess weight.

(Stefan) #306

Ok, I’ll put it in a blunt way to play devil’s advocate.
Isn’t this ”I let my body heal before the weight comes off” just some esoteric bs that is used to comfort people that don’t know why they are not losing weight?
I mean, how many people can there be that are so broken their bodies need to heal multiple months before they start losing serious weight?
Take me as an example. 33 yrs old, massively overweight with perfect bloodwork. Why should my body need any ”healing”. The only healing it does need is to reduce the bloody weight so I won’t shred my knees and hips and back carrying all that excess around.

(Doug) #307

At your age it probably doesn’t, especially with good blood tests and even just being male (I’m assuming you are).

Insulin resistance alone accounts for many. I’ve seen some stratospheric fasting insulin numbers - for these people, it’s not going to be a quick thing. There are also cases where many hormonal things are involved, and there’s a slow ratcheting effect - one thing gets a little better, which enables another to start improving, eventually affecting a third, etc.

(Stefan) #308

I get the insulin resistance thing, but does it really take multiple months to reset?

(Doug) #309

Years, sometimes - it may have been decades in the making (often is) and there definitely are some cases where in years 2, 3, etc., gains are still being made.


It took years to become insulin resistant, why do you think it could be healed in just a couple weeks?

(Laura) #311

10 years ago, I went to Atkins as a last resort to lose weight. It worked and I lost 40 pounds and then stalled out. I was able to maintain that loss for about 8 years with no difficulty on about 45 to 50 net grams a day of carbs. My bloodwork was always good and I felt so much better without the sugar and refined carbs.

All of a sudden, I started to gain weight. It was slow, but happening. I tried tweaking things and finally resigned myself back to induction. It works, but Atkins induction is really hard due to all the restrictions. It is not meant to be done long term. I found Keto, which keeps the carbs at that level but is much easier to do.

I have lost 18 pounds since the fall, but it is frustratingly slow. I do believe I am insulin resistant and my body is determined to keep me at a set point of 250lbs. I will drop to 243 and then bounce right back up with no changes or I will get ravenously hungry. It does pass but I think homeostasis is at play.

So, in my long winded way, I think the set point point plays a strong role for some people and it requires a lot of patience and determination to get past. I think I have multiple set points along the way and when I get to one, it is hard to get past.

My bloodwork was stellar this year, except my bg numbers, which are slightly high. So, my focus is to become more insulin sensitive this year. I am easing into IF and OMAD to see if that will help.

Our bodies are built to survive, thank goodness; however, that can really slow down weight loss.

This is what I have observed about my own body after years of struggle to lose weight and keep it off. Perserverance is the key.


This is so helpful thank you!!!

(Anjum) #313

As someone who has fallen prey to “ a little bit wont hurt” let me tell you firsthand, that once you have lived without the sugar and gluten long enough, your body rebel’s immediately. I’ve suffered extreme gastrointestinal issues, within 30 minutes of consuming. Tread carefully. :balloon:

(Cori) #314

I just read your post from 2018 and was interested in how things were going. I have been eating keto/LC since Nov2018 and have only lost about 10 lbs. It is now early Mar. I’m often eating only 2 meals a day and I’m really not hungry. I just started the treadmill again and back to ~10,000 steps a day. I keep carbs below 20/day and usually don’t fully meet my macros. I journal on an app. I need to understand IF better. I guess altho’ I do get a little squiffy then i just drink water and power through it. Thoughts?

(Venencia ) #315

Thank you. I needed this :slight_smile:

(Ketopia Court Jester) #316

In hindsight, I’m glad most of my NSVs happened before weight loss because it became very clear that the symptoms had nothing to do with weight.

If your knees hurt, the first words out of a doctors mouth are going to be, “Lose weight.” But if you eradicate all inflammation in one month by going carnivore and your knees stop hurting while they’re still in the same size pants, you can can enjoy giving Doc a smug side eye.


I’m another keto newbie. Really new, as in started today! Not really prepared, I dived in because I know I need to lose weight and I know my body is all out of whack.
Thank you for this post, I will try to remember it as I go on this journey, and hopefully it will help me avoid some pitfalls along the way!

I am hoping that everyone is still travelling along on their own keto journey :grinning:

(RossanaF) #318

I needed to read this…thank you! Great post!

(Empress of the Unexpected) #319

It took me a year to lose 20 pounds. I am now at maintenance. Keto is for health. It is not a diet. A pound and a half a month.

(Kelly Silverman) #321

Starry eyed newbie here… Seems like I’ve been driving myself crazy with all the different information I’ve been researching (long sigh). This is about my 8th week in… and seems like I wake up and research! Reese isn’t a bad thing but I don’t wanna be obsessed. I’m glad I ran across your post though! :heart: