Doing Keto solely to lose weight? Read this

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That is horrifying! Did not know this existed!


Thanks, Anjum! I am not using scales, but I am using a measuring tape :slight_smile: I remember loosing weight once through exercise (I was younger back then) and it was 1-2 lbs, but 2-3 inches so I don’t trust scales.


Ok, CatGirl… Honestly, I was hoping for faster results. I have extra 20 cm/8" both on my waist and my hips and about 10 cm/4" on my boobs so with this rate it might take forever. I don’t think I put on any lean muscles right now. I do some resistance training, but not heavy lifting, because my muscles have not learned how to use ketones for fuel and I feel pooped just after a few reps. Right now my exercise is mostly to deplete the glycogen storage and burn some fat and charge me with some energy.


I don’t know, I feel better than the first 2 weeks on keto, but more or less the same I felt before or maybe worse. I was not constipated, it was easier to exercise and I did not need to take supplements to avoid muscle ache and cramps. I am also very thirsty. But I sleep better.

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How long did it take you to put all these extra inches and lbs/kilos on???

Why would you think it will melt off overnight just because you have changed your eating habits?

Patience Padawan

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Love this!

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Welcome!! Arm yourself with knowledge, be prepared with what you’ll eat each day and hang in there!!

When in doubt, eat bacon.

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Thank you!

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Hi I am totally confused on how to work out my macros - what is lean body mass? how do you work it out?
what is net carbs and how to I work that out from total carbs - please help!

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Sleeping!? I’ve trained myself to have food iny stomach when I go to bed & am having difficulty sleeping on an empty tummy. AND, I really enjoy (need?) a beer or a wine cooler at night before bed. And I crave sweets!
Thank you for reading my tirade.

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Lean body mass is what the rest of you weighs when you subtract the fat. Without a DEXA scan or something like it, you can’t know for sure. What you can do is to estimate it based on your height, weight, and age using several online calculators or apps. A shortcut is to look up the midpoint of the “healthy” weight for your age, gender, and height, and use that.

Net carbs = total carbs minus fiber. So if you eat a salad with 10 g of carbs and 8 g of fiber, then its 2 g net carbs.

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You can also subtract some sugar alcohols like erythritol and xylitol.

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What is the best blood meter to get?

Have you tried the 2 Week Diet Program?

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Thanks Mary, no changes here. In fact, I think I weigh 2 lbs more than when I started full keto in Jan. I’m dumbfounded. Just started to research PCOS. I do have several symptoms but they’re similar to perimenopause so it wasn’t on my radar. I just ran across posts in an IF FB group about it being impossible to lose weight if you have PCOS so my ears perked up. Of course they recommend keto and fasting as treatment so I guess I’m K’ingC&K’ingO and maybe more EF to actually lose. I REALLY appreciate your reply. Gives me hope!

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Hi Carita! I am also in my 60’s and was also pre diabetic. I had swollen ankles too. I am convinced I have a gluten intolerance and that cutting out anything made with flour helped immensely. Being post menopausal definitely slows down weight loss. I find it very helpful to walk at least a couple of miles a day. I walk fast enough to break a sweat and sustain that for 45 minutes. I feel amazing and refuse to succumb to using equipment to help me get around as I age. I live in a senior community where I watch people literally waste away year after year because they don’t take care of themselves. I deserve much better and so does my family. Sorry for the rant. Stick with it! I have lost 62 pounds and have 40 to go. There is so much encouragement here.

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I’m not going to lie initially I did start keto just to lose weight. And maybe I got lucky or something but the weight did literally fall off and I was buying new clothes literally every month and family and friends were in off my weight loss. I know you said in your post this would not happen but I’m telling you it did happen to me. Soon I start learning about the keto lifestyle and how it was not a diet and I initially lost 60 lb which now I’ve gained 5 lbs back. That was my experience with keto now I had a scare with becoming insulin resistant which made me really dive into the keto diet just for weight loss initially but now it’s more of a lifestyle. And by the way I’m no longer pre-diabetic because I’ve lost 15% of my body weight

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Hello from another hospital based midwife! Completely new to this WOE and I am so grateful to the advice and wisdom from other members in this forum!

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Awesome post!! I am in the WTF stage after weighing myself. I lost 12 lbs overnight when I started 2 1/2 weeks ago, but the pounds have been slow to come off since. I do feel better- not passing out when putting on my socks, so something must be going right.

My cravings have diminished, and I am able to not even look at the once daily carb items anymore- I know this is a process, and this article helped me understand it better.

One thing that I am experiencing is a constant runny nose and sneezing (like an allergy). I don’t think it is a cold, but the symptoms have been going on for over a week. Any ideas?

Thank you!!!


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Bumped to the top, because that’s where it deserves to be. :slight_smile:

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I see a lot of people mentioning symptoms that seem to crop up around the time they start keto or are on keto for a bit and they wonder if keto is the culprit. I often wake up with a stuffy nose/sneezing/runny nose. I’m pretty sure it’s not keto-related though - but rather seasonal allergies (which do happen in the winter). I’ve never seen anyone else say that respiratory issues are keto-related.