Doing Keto solely to lose weight? Read this

(Tina Emmons) #259

Try 8 MONTHS in and no loss. So sad. Reversed my insulin resistance and hoping the weight begins to go…If I can stay the course, you can! It’s Sept as I write this. How have you done since this post in July?


a naturopath can help you - that’s who tested me for adrenal fatigue and helped me out of it. Keto is a great support, as well.

(Daisy) #261

Funny enough, I always thought the same about coconut pre-Keto. Literally the only coconut I would eat back in the day was the Girl Scout cookie Samoa, and I haven’t had those in at least 4 years! I accidentally bought a coconut filled homemade Easter egg 2 years ago and my entire mouth went tingly, so I made the assumption I was allergic to coconut flakes. Since Keto, I have used coconut oil and flour in sooooo many things and have even tried one tiny little recipe with coconut flakes with no issues. Although there are other flavors I enjoy more, coconut has really grown on me. I never thought it possible!

(mags) #262

I tried making the cheese sauce from the keto dudes recipe but could never get the consistency right. What I do now is to grate lots of cheddar into cream and mix in some philadelphia. Heat gently and its gorgeous. Grate cheese on top and grill. It’s better than the old floury roux.

(Brian Krieger) #263

Thank you for this, I joined this forum specifically for this reason. I lost 15 lbs in my first 7 weeks but the last 2 weeks I’ve stalled. My concern is haven’t had the long periods of no hunger or the boost in energy or the mental clarity touted by the diet. But this gives me patience. I know I have a lot of healing for 40+ years on SAD. I will stay calm and Keto on :+1:

(April Wessels) #264

Thank you for this…helped me keep my chin up & grin on🤗

(Sharon Joann Harris ) #265

I’ve been seriously following this WOE for the past 3 weeks. I had WLS in 2009 and have almost gained my whole loss back. I initially lost 9 lbs the first week and was overjoyed. Close to what I lost daily after my WLS. Then I just stopped losing and have been gaining steadily since 10/19. I’m discouraged. I FEEL like I’m losing again this morning but I’m up another lb and change today. I stayed home yesterday from work because I was light-headed and just did not feel well. I slept all day. I suspect I’m not eating enough and certainly not drinking nigh overall. I admit I’m getting discouraged at this point. I am also severely hypoglycemic. I haven’t had any lows since starting keto until yesterday when I date a grilled cheese for lunch. Then I had a 57 in the afternoon. Compounded my terrible feeling. I also want to mention on my cheap breathalyzer I get a .2 g/l and .02% BAC. This morning I got a .3 and .03%.

(Joanna Parszyk ) #266

This woman for president!
Well said, deep understanding of human biology and human nature. Bravo!


I actually thought the same way when I started…( im 3 weeks in…wasnt perfect…) and it takes time for you to get used to what works and what doesn’t. We all make learning mistakes in the beginning… thinking something doesn’t have carbs or sugar etc etc.
Just try it and give it at least a couple weeks without worrying too much about the numbers on the scale changing because once you start feeling differently, as in clearer, healthier, you’ll understand that it’s not just the number on the scale.
Things will change eventually.Its now 3 weeks and
i have lost a bit, but one of my favorite things, is not being constantly hungry from the stupid low cal dieting!
i no longer crave sugar and carbs, im headed in the right direction.
Listen to the 2 keto dudes podcasts!good luck!


I’ going Tory keto again. The first time I got the keto flu and got spooked. I’m ashamed to say that I was scared. My daughter started with me and continued successfully. She is now 3 sizes smaller, healthy, and looking great. I hope this forum will help me get through it this time.

(Joanna Parszyk ) #269

I absolutely adore scramble eggs with sour crème :heart_eyes:

(Kath Galvin) #270

I check in with my doctor and get weighed every 3 months. I measure my widest point once a month. I’m letting my body heal. It’s doing it’s best and I’m thankful for all the tiny, positive changes I’ve noticed.

(Mary) #271

Hi Tina,

I went 8 1/2 months bouncing around the same 3 lbs. I thought I started this WOE for weight loss but apparently I had other reasons - no more headaches, heartburn and bouts of anxiety. God only knows what my bs numbers were, as I’ve never tested them.

Anyway, all of a sudden, at the end of Sept, my weight started heading south. In 6 weeks, I’ve lost 17 lbs; I’m shocked and deliriously happy, but there’s still this little voice way in the back saying “you’ve been following this for nearly 10 months. You should weigh at least 40 lbs less”. I feed him some bacon to shut him up…

So… this is about you, not me. How are you doing now? Perhaps you also have 40 years of damage from deranged eating to fix before your body can let go of the weight? I hope you’ve stuck it out and that things are starting to happen for you.

(Susan) #272

Love. Love. Love!

(Brenda) #273


Introducing myself as a newbie. I’ve tried doing keto alone, and I keep failing. I’m hoping that being in a group will allow me to stop with the self-sabotaging. I did accomplish one month on, and I felt really great, but that was months ago now. However, it is why I’d like to find a way to get on a stay on as a way of life.

(Carl Keller) #274

I started Keto to lose weight but I’m not even worried about the weight anymore. I only need to drop another 15 pounds but I got something much better than dropping my belly fat… I found energy I thought was long gone. It’s been 25 years since I felt this energetic and feeling this way has become addicting. I am not giving up feeling this way, even after the fat is all gone. I am low carb, 99% sugar free and fat powered for life.


I am curious, when did you notice your clothes fit better? I’ve been 3 weeks on Keto and I do boxing/boot camp 3-4 times a week and walking 3 times a week, but there is no changes in my body at all, I have not lost a fraction of an inch. I am not obsessed with the scale, but I was hoping to see some changes in volume by now. P.S. I’ve been surrounded by female unicorns. My friends started to shed pounds after the 1st week, and they are also eating a lot of protein and they don’t exercise!

(Janelle) #276

It’s taken 8 weeks for me to notice a little difference in the waistband of my work pants and a pair of jeans. Not a size, mind you, just a little looser. I’m not exercising like you are though. I can only imagine you’re adding lean muscle mass.

(Anjum) #277

Unicorn I am not. I noticed changes in the way my clothes fit, a good 5 weeks in. I believe it took me 3 weeks just to get in to ketosis. I began Keto to lose weight, but it’s really become my awakening. Here is what I’ve learned:

  1. Keto works differently for different people. It’s a silent healer. Quietly changing you in ways that you cannot even fathom, or consequently didn’t even realize you needed to change.

  2. You get what you put in. The longer you stick with it ( forgive yourself if you fall off & get back on) the more benefits you see.

  3. Some of us need more healing, some less, ( unicorns) after healing comes weight loss. My first 15 was water weight. The rest (21 total) have drip dropped and I’ve been stalled since August. That being said I’ve lost 10 inches on my waist. Reduced thyroid meds for the first time in 7 years. Gone down 2 bra sizes and have a shape other than square. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I feel accomplished, empowered and I have the conviction I can conquer this. Stick with it, you too can lose the focus of your lack of weight loss and embrace the non scale victories. Start by hiding the scale. Good luck to you, please reach out whenever you want. :balloon:

(Cjl Lansing) #278

Togo: Three weeks is nothing. If you feel better with Keto food choices trust that change is happening behind the scenes and KCKO.

What changes? Crazy things like less bacteria in your mouth leading to improved oral health (we all wanna keep our teeth, right?), less ear wax, decreased chronic pain from inflammation… You know, things the scale can’t measure! I think of Keto and intermittent fasting as health programs with weight loss benefits.