Doing Keto solely to lose weight? Read this


I’m equidistant from both Alexandria and Arlington, about 30 minutes away from each.

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My apologies, I told her the wrong Springfield.

Dr. Alan Terlinsky

Address: 611 S Carlin Springs Rd # 411, Arlington, VA 22204

Phone: (703) 379-7110


Thank you! I think you have just saved me from insanity :blush: I am only 22 days in but my scales stopped going down at day 10 while watching my partner have the weight literally fall off w him without being nearly as strict as I have. You have confirmed what I have been thinking but needed someone else to say. I know I have years of healing my body from eating crap and a metabolism that needs recharging after too many yo yo diets. I think I have finally found a way of eating that I enjoy and is sustainable, and I am turning into a masterchef haha. Now to just be patient :wink:

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I did start Keto to lose weight. After 8 months and an awesome checkup with my doctor I’m doing it for health now. I’m off Cholesterol and blood pressure drugs after being on them for 10 years.


64 oz is about 1,8 lit, right? Is it much??? I drink 2,5 to 3 per day!!!


Thank you so much! That was really very kind of you to follow up.

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My pleasure. I know first hand how hard it is to find a health professional who will listen. Hope you get the help and relief. :wink: good luck!

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Great post, this answers quite a few of my questions in one massive hit!

Health benefits 5 weeks in have been so good that I need to get around the psychological plateau that has been caused by the physical one!

I think I will kiss the scales goodbye, they have been a frenemy for so long, it will be bitter sweet :rofl:


I had my blood work done and my BUN 33. This is the amount of urea in your blood from your kidneys that your liver makes because it isn’t processing protein right. I also felt gout coming on in my foot. You are right to cut the protein back but also amp up the fluids, not water so much, as any fluid will help. I drink a lot of green tea that I prefer as hot but letting it cool taste just as good and is great for the liver.

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“Careful” was exactly the word I used​:joy::joy:

I figured I would lose 30 pounds, 2 or 3 months at the most, then I would go back to the way I used to eat, only I would eat more “carefully.” By the time I actually lost weight, I’d read Good Calorie Bad Calorie, Obesity Code and The Case Against Sugar. I was ON BOARD. Not going back ever.

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Amen Sister! Only I’m losing so slowly. I am losing but it’s painfully slow


You mention cheese sauce in your post.

Which do you use or, how do you make it? And what are the macros please?
I have been looking for one for ages but can’t find anything suitable!!

I LOVE cauliflower cheese :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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All right pumpkin, I’ll take your word for how this is supposed to happen. I’m just really getting started and so far not losing weight isn’t my biggest issue, it’s the run to pee. Was just talking to my boss about moving my desk to the men’s room. I do have some pretty powerful questions about things such as how long will that last? I really don’t like many of the foods listed and in my opinion coconut is the devils punishment for everything. How hardcore do I need to be about hitting my fat number daily? Taking my carb level down to almost none won’t be that big of a deal for me and the protein is a no brainer but getting my fat intake that high looks damn near impossible. Any real hints for that? I am good with chicken, pork, and beef, but not a real fan of any other meats. I can’t stomach salmon, sardines or most fish, pretty much nothing but Tilapia, Cod or Haddock. My problem is by my weight and all the calculators they all say that I need to take in another 128 grams of fat today and no more protein, how in the hell do I do that?


Do you like butter? Mayo? You can add those to your meat to upp the fat if you feel like you need more.

When I first started I seemed to make frequent trips to the bathroom. I drank more water than I really needed to. Now I just drink when I am thirsty and my bathroom trips are much less frequent. Downside to that is I have to work more :wink:

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The key with fat if you have trouble, is in the cut AND cooking method.

Go for a WELL marbled piece of meat. In beef that may be a cheaper cut, or a hamburger with a higher fat mix in it. For pork, forget the chops, and go for the belly, and as for chicken Fry them wings and eat the drums sticks.

On the cooking side, learn to love a Brown Butter sauce and pan fry when ever you can… Think about what they do with lobster, and dunk that hunk of steak/pork/chicken in garlic butter at every bite.

Ditto for your veggies, use lots of butter when cooking and smother them on your plate with more.

The key to remember is that fat is denser (calorically speaking) than protein and carbs.

" Fat contains twice the energy density of carbohydrate (9 calories per gram versus 4 calories per gram) and does not require water for storage, as does carbohydrate ." " Fat is energy dense, having an at water factor of 9 kilocalories, 37 kilojoules, per gram."

Thus while the number may seem high, it really isn’t… if you start with the right cut of meat. Someone here mentioned that a well marbled piece of wagyu beef is almost 2x a fatty as the same prime cut and that your basic ribeye cut almost 3x a fatty as a filet-mignon or similar lean cut. So that piece of wagyu really packs an energy/fat punch.

Finally, when in doubt, a little triple brie with butter on top for desert should put you over.

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You can also add extra yolks or heavy cream to your eggs.

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eat fat to satiety. Don’t worry if you don’t hit that prescribed macro as long as you aren’t hungry. If you eat a meal, and two or three hours later you’re hungry again, chances are you didn’t eat enough fat in that meal. Let your hunger be your guide.

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This is so true I watch the weight just disappear and check the scales only to see 1 lbs or no weight loss. So I stopped weighing myself because I can look in the mirror and see my stomach slimmer, my hips smaller, all over gone. This is such an easy way of life that I am never going back to normal eating! I have discovered almond flour recipes and coconut flour recipes and even have my autistic son eating almond flour chocolate chip cookies! I actually eat more now than I did before and I am losing where I am back into my smaller clothes!

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