Doing Keto solely to lose weight? Read this

(Mandy) #219

I replied to this when I was 36 days in. I’m now sitting at 88 days in. Just in the last two weeks, I’ve started to see a very small weekly loss. Less than a pound. But it’s happening! I’m replying now to say, weeks in is not enough. People are probably driving themselves bonkers changing things up constantly cause it’s “not working”. I’ve stayed the course. I’ve tried to have faith in the process. I’m reaping the rewards. Not just weight but 7 inches from my mid section (6 of those inches happened with zero scale difference). I think if we could all quit over thinking and calm down, we’d reduce our cortisol and maybe progress a little quicker. KCKO!

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Gaudere’s Law: Any post made to point out a spelling or grammar error will invariably contain a spelling or grammar error. Punctation?

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I’m new also, and tummy fat is my primary concern. 5’8" 122lbs., but tummy fat and muffin top! One easy way I’ve found to keep track of macros is on my fitbit. It puts them in percentages on a pie chart. Very helpful.


Haha! Fantastic. Good catch :smiley: I should have known better than to be that person!

(Vanessa) #223

WOW! This is great! Encouragement, encouragement, encouragement.
It’s a new way of life! Thank you for your post.

(Susan) #224

What do you eat, regularly?

(Heather ) #225

I love this post so much! Thank you!!

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I’m a newbie , what was your secret for success , Please share ! Congratulations

(Robert) #227

1 month into keto here and every time I start having doubts I come here only to find the exact post I need without even searching. It may not be what I want to hear but it is always what I need to hear. Tonight, it was your post. Thank you for that.

(lisa) #228

Ketorade! good water with salt, potassium, probiotics stirred in and a half pack of no carb lemonade powder.

(natasha thomas) #229

Thanks for keep it real, it’s easy to expect a miracle,
I do hope I’m a unicorn though, time will tell I started yesterday, and it’s pretty hard already


Yes @mtncntrykid @kib

Could not agree more. I believe Fung talks about this quite a bit. Being overweight can (but not always) be the first symptom of IR. I get so angry about this because fat is the last permitted prejudice and everyone blames the overweight for their poor choices when many really do have a metabolic issue

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Hi. Thanks for the nice words. I have recently started on Keto diet, just two days ago, and I told my friends I’m on it. Talked me out of it saying this diet is dangerous for the kidney and liver because of the by-product of the diet. I have been searching in the internet for risks of doing ketogenic after that and making me doubt if I should carry on or not. Please can you give me advice
Thank you

(Christine) #232

Look into Dr. Jason Fung. He’s a kidney specialist who uses this diet to heal his patients. So no it is not hard on your kidneys. I believe that is a myth from when this was considered a high protein diet and it’s moderate protein.
There’s a podcast called The Obesity Code with him as well.

Keep searching these forums for people who have been helped by this.

And read the FAQ section of these forums.

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Hang in there! Like you, I was worried that the Ketogenic Diet would be another weight loss failure for me… watching everyone else successfully lose weight and HATING the image I viewed in the mirror every day! I figured I would give it a try because busting my butt at the gym, doing an hour’s worth of a VIGOROUS treadmill workout that left me DRIPPING, in addition to watching everything I ate, for FOUR months only resulted in a FOUR pound weight loss!!! Talk about frustrating, discouraging, and demotivating! I still had 100 pounds to lose and measly one pound weight loss per month just wasn’t going to cut it! My husband told me about someone in his office who lost 40 pounds in 2 months following the Ketogenic Diet. I told him I didn’t have to lose 40 pounds in two months… I just wanted to see some PROGRESS!! (I lost 23.2 pounds those first two months… which was JUST FINE by me) I PROMISE you, YOU WILL SUCCEED!!! Following forums, like this for support is very helpful. Don’t give up!

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My apologies on the very delayed response. Delayed return plus my specialist was away. This is her recommendation. I hope it helps.

Kare Health & Wellness

1435 E Bradford Pkwy Suite 105
Springfield, MO 65804

(417) 881-4994


Thanks much Anjum, for asking your specialist and providing a response. Unfortunately, that address is in Missouri, a few states west of me and a 16 hour drive. Thank you for thinking of me though!

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Over the course of a year, I gained about 4 pounds of muscle and l lost about 6 pounds of fat. I’m a 50+ male. And I’ve seen many studies that indicate it’s possible to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time.

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How far are you from Alexandria?

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How far are you from Arlington?