Doing Keto solely to lose weight? Read this

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Thank you so much for the advice! I had lost about 5 lbs only but my friends would comment that my arms looked thinner or my waist was smaller. I have done every diet under the sun and lost weight(much faster too) with all of them but felt weak and lethargic. Not with keto. (Except for the 2 days of brutal keto flu. Went cold turkey and dropped to 20 grs of carbs).
I have been in ketosis since April 15 and as of today lost 18lbs. I lose, I gain, and don’t worry about it, because I fit in my skinny pants although I weigh 10 lbs more then when I was “skinny”. Go figure!
What I love the best is how strong I am and how much endurance I have.
I have also noticed I am in a better mood and I will attribute that to the wonderfully delicious meals I am eating!
This forum has been a gold mine of information for me. Thank you all so much!

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@ToxDoc - I consume water, carbonated water or tea (maybe decaf black coffee, but not typically), and sea salt.


Question: Did your doctor test for adrenal fatigue? What were the results, if you don’t mind me asking? I want to ask my doctor if he will conduct a test for this, or measure my cortisol levels. But I’m afraid he will laugh at me. A doctor once told me adrenal fatigue was “made-up homeopath nonsense”.

I’ve never read @ any symptoms that describe where I’m at better than having adrenal fatigue and high cortisol, but I don’t know what to say to a doctor so they’ll test…something…and help me figure it out.

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I see a hormone specialist. She is actually a physicians assistant, not an MD. I do a saliva test every 6 months to test all my hormones. It’s with the saliva testing that I received a diagnosis of stage 3 adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue exists. Find a hormone specialist, or a physician who can prescribe bio identical hormones. What city are you in? Maybe I can help you find someone.

Good luck



I’m in Springfield, Virginia. I’ve found one but they’re 45 minutes away, yuck. How did you find your hormone specialist, is there a network?

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What is the test for adrenal fatigue?


I’m not sure. That’s why I’m trying to find a doctor that will take it seriously enough to conduct the test and help me figure some things out. Anjum, who I asked the question of seems to have had this tested by their doctor. Perhaps you meant to ask them?

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Unfortunately not a network. I found her through a friend. I drive 35 minutes to see her. It’s worth it to me. I would drive an hour or more each way if that’s what it took. My adrenal fatigue has been reversed. I am careful to not do things to get to that point again. I am overseas and will return to the states on 7/30. I will be able to search for a specialist when I get back.


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Great posts and SO helpful for this newbie. I must say though that I read these two posts on Ketogasm and did actually get scared of fat and thought maybe i was eating too much of it and maybe going off of advice for guys. I’d love your thoughts on these.

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@MooBoom who were your health professionals? I’m feeling like I need more help and I’m not sure how to find someone.

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OMG, this is the most down to earth and informative post I have read, probably this whole time i have been researching and doing Keto. I’m in week 4, stalled, and thought I was doing something completely wrong. Thank you so much for posting!!

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I’m 53 and have been doing keto since mid June. I haven’t lost much but I feel great and sleep better. Sticking with it and hoping to see some loss and inches gone.


5 weeks in tomorrow. I’ve come to accept that my body is not having this… at all. I’ve tweaked my numbers, eating plenty of fat calories moderate protein and negligible carbs, and finally realized I had to tweak my attitude. I’m doing everything right, I can stand behind that statement. My body is raging with ketones in the 4.3 level every day. But, my body ain’t having it… nope, it’s resisting fat adaptation and all I can do is persist. So, don’t get frustrated just trust your body knows best and instead of fighting a war you can never win, become your body’s ally. Listen, care for and strengthen it. KCKO

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First off, Great attitude for continuing despite the argument from your body. The 5 week mark is still early. You’ve got this!

Now the question (because I was blessed with a body ready to consume itself and slipped quite quickly into being fat adapted) … How is your body ‘resisting fat adaptation’? Symptoms? What are your keto goals? Maybe not much fat for the body to count on for fuel?


I have put on approximately 25-30 pounds in the last 2 years and its all in my belly… It is resisting by the fact that while I see a few signs of adaptation like clarity and great sleep, the fat isnt budging, my ketones are really high all day long and im still feeling tired. I need to do some more research on the whole fat consumption because I feel (now, I could be wrong) that if my dietary fat is high like it is(150-175) my body has no reason to tap into fat stores for energy. % weeks as of today and Im still very unsure of what my fat and protein macros truly should be set at. Thanks so much for your post and have a super Saturday.

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I’m starting my 2nd month and have lost 4-6 lbs. Blood ketones 3-4.6. I’m eating until I reach satiety, keep an eye on my protein, never go over 15 net carbs, and use fat as a lever. In the first 10 days I took the advice of the pros here and increased my calories and ate a lot of fat. It worked and my hunger and cravings are gone. Now I’m free to IF 19/5 without hunger issues.
I’m 64 and suspect my metabolism is ultra slow.
Considering looking at macros/diet to tweak.


I’ve changed my macros soo many times, it’s exhausting. I think this last tweak should net some results. Right now I’m reading, “primal fat burner” by Nora Gedgaudas… good stuff except no butter … I think I’m gonna give it a try and see if it helps!

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Interesting. How will your macros change?
Now that hunger isn’t the monkey on my back, I’ve no need to increase calories and while I keep track of them on my KetoDiet app, lately I usually fall under the daily calorie macro. I try and be sure to hit my protein macro and get my fats from my plate and not snack. I’m keto to get my body healthy, eat better and to lose weight. Not sure what the hell is going on🤷‍♀️


My protein is set at 55 grams, my carbs at 25 total grams although i never make it that high, usually end up at 16 grams… so the only thing left to determine is the fat… this is where I have trouble. Finding the elusive sweet spot. TBH, I am never hungry and have zero carb cravings so Im stumped on the amount of fat to consume. I dont want to eat too little and thus be in starvation mode nor do I want to eat too many and have surplus dietary fat… its my biggest problem. Everything is else is going really well.

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I understand! Before Ket I never really listened to my body except if I was hungry, and lord knows I ate a lot of times when I wasn’t!
My body is so confused​:face_with_raised_eyebrow::joy: