Confused about IF

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(Kimberly) #24

I feel like the answer may be completely obvious to most, but when doing IF, are you fasting 7 days a week indefinitely? Five on two off? Switching it up all the time? What’s general practice and best advice?

(Karim Wassef) #25

Every person is different.

IF (intermittent fast) usually means that you fast for a long period of the day but eat every day. Fast for 16 hrs and eat in an 8 hr window.

EF (extended fast) usually means not eating for more than a day… maybe eat every other day or only eat two days a week and fast 5 consecutively.


And people have different definitions of these terms, too. :grinning: I’ve mostly seen:

  • Time-restricted eating (TRE) is that you fast for part of the day and only eat within a certain window (16:8, OMAD, etc.)
  • Intermittent fasting (IF) is anything where you fast at least one whole day up to maybe three days or 72 hours
  • Extended fasting (EF) is anything over that

Everyone likes different patterns. Some people like alternate-day fasting (ADF) where you eat every other day. Other people like to fast 5 days during the week and not on weekends. Or vice versa. Or three days eating, three days fasting. Some people like to mix things up. The IDM Program recommends for people trying to lose weight that they fast three days a week, either three 42-hour fasts or one three-day fast, so that’s a good goal to start with.

(Karim Wassef) #27

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OMAD is one meal a day
1MAD (same as OMAD)
2MAD (two meals a day)

And I came up with ODAD = one drink a day (when dry fasting). I haven’t gotten even one ODAD so far but it’s my personal goal.

(Kimberly) #28

This is answering my question a bit better. I’m afraid the way I worded my question may have made it seem like I’m unsure about the differences in fasts. I am asking about intermittent fasting.
For instance, I’m currently 12 weeks in and have implemented 18:6 IF daily for the past week. What I’m wondering is how to cycle the IF or if it just continues on without ceasing. Should I do every other day, 3 days IF and 3 days back to “normal” keto, a week on/week off, a month on a month off? (Obviously, all while staying keto)
Do I just go with the flow? I’ve already had some days when I’m 18:6 IF and some that are OMAD naturally. Thoughts?

(Karim Wassef) #29

I do OMAD daily but that’s what feels good for me. It simplifies my life and gives me more time. I also get the most time fasted.

But I started with 16, then 18, then 20 hours until I got to OMAD. I did it every day but it has to feel right for you.


For TRE (such as the 18:6 you’re doing) you can eat like that every day, day-in and day-out, and not worry about mixing things up. If you start doing IF (whole days without eating), eventually people like to mix it up. When and how often really depends on you–both what you like to do and whether you’re seeing the results you like. Maybe switch it up every six to eight weeks? Some people have great results eating and fasting in one pattern for months, other people do something different every week (more go with the flow).

(Jody) #31

I think if you have built your fasting muscle, then go with the flow.

I think if you are newer to fasting, it sometimes helps to build that muscle, which takes a more focused effort. I started 18:6 for a few months, then 24 hours/3days/week, then 36X3/week, then my current 42X3/week. Going to 36 was the hardest for me, so I did that for a whole month solid till it was easy before going to 42. Now I fluctuate between 36 and 42 given the day. Sometimes though I have to cut at 24. It’s the consistency that seems to pay off, I don’t plan to change my routine until it something stops working or I hit maintenance.

(traci simpson) #32

So I’ve been trying to do at least 17:8 or 18:8 but I have coffee in the am. This morning, I had nothing but water until 10:20am. When I ate (canned chicken w/sour cream/cucumbers) I immediately got a headache. Not sure why? any ideas? could it be MSG or something in the canned chicken? I don’t want to have to rely on coffee first thing to get me through the IF.

(hottie turned hag) #33

Me too. Eating once/24h (not 20/4, once 24/h and eating takes maybe 30min) since Aug 2017. Now going to once/48h in effort to lose last few lbs (116 to 110).

@Tover3 there seems to be wide range from my reading on here as far as those for whom it’s very easy and those for whom it is difficult. I think individual biochem/physiologic idiosyncrasies are oft underconsidered. While some universals surely exist it seems what works great for me may be a terrible ordeal for the next gal (or fella).

I was fat when I started, postmenopausal and sedentary. Am still the latter two :smile:
I have had to fine tune details as I go, now nearly two years in am still doing so. Dropped cheese and veg and now to the once/48h thing.

I’ve never measured cals, macros nor ketones.

I’d suggest trying different methods as long as you’re adhering to basic keto principles while so doing.