Confused about IF

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I’m sorry if this is already been posted somewhere. I looked through topics and couldn’t find what I was looking for.
Keto since Aug 1 - and went out of ketosis in November. I don’t think I’ve gotten back into it since. I randomly do urine sticks and there hasn’t been a trace for a long time. I’m down 45-48 lbs depending on the day which I am happy about, and I am learning to just be this weight right now without stressing about what’s to come.
My questions about IF are:

  1. Do you have to be in ketosis to fast?
  2. How does anyone do a 24 hour fast? I can’t wrap my head around that.
  3. How do you not get sick to your stomach when fasting because that’s been my main issue so far. I usually don’t eat anything until after 12 and I am done eating anything by 8:30ish depending on if I work or not. (I don’t get home from work until 8pm so my last meal is anywhere between 8 and 9pm)
  4. I’ve been told different things about what breaks a fast - some have said anything with calories or carbs and others tell me 50 calories or less is safe.

I want to try again, but want the best info before I do.
Thanks in advance and for your patience with questions I’m sure have been asked somewhere.

(Allie) #2

Urine strips do not accurately show if you are in ketosis, throw them away. Chances are they stopped registered because you’re keto adapted and you’ve been in ketosis the whole time.

  1. No but it makes it easier
  2. It gets easier as you get used to it, 24 hours is really nothing now
  3. Same as number 2, adding salt helps
  4. Anything containing calories breaks a fast, BUT there’s some flexibility depending on your reasons for fasting


Have you read Dr. Fung’s blogs on fasting and all the issues around it, plus all the great stuff that happens with it. I suggest you read those first. This page is a good place to start:

(Tove Reiman) #4

Thanks for the link. Great info there!!

(Jessica) #6

IMO fasting is what you make it. There are no Magic rules. I drink coffee with cream when I “fast” because that’s what I’ve determined I want to do. A 24 hour fast is really just skipping 2 meals a day. It sounds big but it’s really just eating once a day.

Bottom line, though, is that fasting isn’t necessary unless you are way down the keto line and have definite goals for it, such as getting rid of loose skin, or some metabolic change. I honestly think it’s a bad idea early on, especially if it doesn’t come naturally. I fast only because I am listening to my hunger signals and they don’t tell me it’s time to eat.

(Ilana Rose) #7

Intermittent fasting is just something your body gets used to eventually. At first you will have some modest hunger pangs that come and go throughout the day but those disappear with time.

I’ve been doing OMAD (24 hour) nearly daily for a year and a half. It’s taken me all the way down to a slim 107 lbs. I absolutely love it. It’s so freeing not to even think about eating until dinner every day. I’m actually a bit unhappy right now that I need to stop losing weight but do not want to have to eat more frequently.

(Michael Heffez) #8

Are you following a Keto diet on OMAD?

(Ilana Rose) #9

Yes. In fact I’m pretty close to zero carb currently.

(Michael Heffez) #10

You’re my new found inspiration. Ty :slight_smile:

(Sarah ) #11
  1. No, you don’t have to be in ketosis to fast.
  2. It’s not hard but you might want to build up to it. I started with 14 hours and increased to 16 then 18. I did a few 23 hour fasts only because I wasn’t hungry and I let my body tell me when I’m hungry now rather than my mind telling my body.
  3. I find that by eating the right amount of fat, I don’t get nauseous. That’s the key for me but you need to find what works for you with some experimentation. I will have a coffee with MCT in the mornings and that works great.
  4. I think people more educated in the subject have answerd what breaks the fast

(Jennifer) #12

Here’s my take. I’m not an expert. But it’s what works for me.

I started by slowly making my eating window shorter. Start with a 12/12… Eat your last meal at 8pm, don’t eat again until 8am. Work up to a 14/10… Then a 16/8… So on and so forth.

I consider a clean fast to be where I’m only drinking UNFLAVORED, UNSWEETENED water, tea and coffee. No artificial sweeteners, including Stevia. The sweet taste throws my hunger signal off.

If I start feeling wonky, I will drink a little warm water with some Himalayan Pink Salt. It helps with electrolytes.

I have a mantra that I borrowed from an author I follow - “Hunger is not an emergency”. I mean, it is in some places on the earth, but I would guarantee that for the vast majority of us, it is not.

I know people who have great success with IF who don’t practice keto. I feel better eating keto, so I do. It will take longer to get into ketosis if you’re ONLY IFing, but it does eventually happen (or so I hear… though, I am fat adapted enough, that if I have an indulgence meal, it usually doesn’t kick me out of ketosis).

(Tim Bourguignon) #13

You just made my day. I‘ve done a lot of 16/8-IF before. But after a few months hiatus I‘m feeling it way harder to follow. My morning stevia sweetened bulletproof-coffee is one of the variables I hadn‘t thought of sofar! Awesome!

Get rid of the sweet stuff

I’m holding Warrior Diet ( 20/4 ). I’m eating from 18:00 to 22:00 hours. 2 - 3 meals. All days drink only water and black coffee. Sorry my english. :frowning:

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Welcome Doli. Your English is ok. Sounds like you have a plan.

All the best on reaching your goals.

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Just piggy backing off of OP’s post because this thread is answering a lot of questions. I have string bean for a workout partner and he doesn’t agree with my IF usually 19:5 (sometimes OMAD simply because I’m not hungry at the end of the 5 hours) and I usually mix in a couple of 24 hour fasts a week but definitely 1. He states that fasters(meal skippers) as he calls us tend to gain weight, fat and increase BMI overtime. I have seen more than a few long time fasters and EFs talk about a similar situation here of the forums. Even if it’s a slight increase in BMI. Is IF something I should do only every now and then? One of the first rules of Keto is only eat when hungry and many mornings I’m not hungry and often times going without food all day is not difficult (I have a lot of stored energy). So far I’m down 30lbs since Feb 2. So something is working. Any advice is super cool. Thanks

(Ketoviking) #17

This is one of the simplest and most helpful statements about fasting I’ve seen. Thanks


Time-restricted eating (TRE), aka OMAD, 18:6, etc. ≠ meal skipping (not eating lunch). Meal skipping won’t have the same effect off suppressing insulin response for long periods of the day. A lot of those “meal skippers” he’s thinking of are probably skipping lunch (so just restricting calories and lowering their metabolic rate over time, while keeping insulin up) and living on carbs (and keeping their insulin up). Yep, that sounds like a recipe for weight gain.

(Alec) #19

I think your training partner is talking bollox and is stuck in the eat often/snacking conventional wisdom that was promoted by the food industry, and just raises chronic insulin levels, and results in insulin resistance.

Meal skipping is just fine, and there’s nothing wrong with it if you are not hungry. 2nd rule of keto… eat to satiety. If meal time comes around and you are not hungry, skip it (I did this myself yesterday!). But don’t skip meals just to reduce calorie intake, wrong thinking.

An important fasting principle is to fast when you are fasting, and feast when you are feasting (Dr Fung quote). He says this to make sure we keep our metabolic rate up while we are not fasting.

So there’s a knack to mixing keto with fasting, but the principles are:

  1. Base everything off keto, keep carbs very low, eat to satiety
  2. Fast for a purpose: could be weight loss, could be autophagy, could be just to feel better
  3. Feast well on non-fast days
  4. If you ever feel off or unwell when fasting, end the fast
  5. Start with short fasts, and lengthen if you want to/feel like it. Take it slow. Fasting is not a competitive activity.

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