Can we have an "off topic" forum?/"The Great Off-Topic Thread"

(Jill Carpenter aka space coast spinster) #103

I see my accountability thread as a “I lost, I gained, I’m going to try this now” kind of mundane tracker. :rofl:

I don’t have anything else to say in it really. I hold myself accountable for every thing that happens to me and I believe we invite things to happen.


It’s back…


Ugh. Because torturing people is entertainment? Can we just move straight to The Running Man and be done with the pretense of health?


as long as there are people willing to do that to themselves, i guess… :frowning:

(Randy) #107

I was hoping for an “OT” category (not a thread) so I could try to connect with fellow musicians here (if there are any). I love discussing music. Either making it, or listening to it. So I’ll leave a couple of things here.

This is from 2013. My last cover band recorded on my home studio. I’m on guitar and lead vocals.

My Pink Floyd Tribute from 2000.

(Susan) #108

Wow that is really awesome, you are very good, that is very cool =).


I was a hardcore Floydian in my misspent youth. :+1:

(Inna Sterbet) #110

Hi again. Any ideas how to speed up the metabolism? Had couple of spoons of peanut butter on Sunday as a treat, got on the scale last night, extra 800g! It seems like the weight is back the second I consume extra gram of carbs or extra calorie … Actually, start to feel frustrated and depressed, my life is turning into a constant battle with hunger and counting macros at the same time … Sorry for being such a Drama queen, having a ‘fat, ugly’ day.

(Susan) #111

I would suggest doing a 72 hour Water/black tea/black coffee FAST. When I do 100 or more hours once a month on the Zornfast, that is always a way for me to budge the scale. I didn’t do it this month, (for the first time in ages) and no weight loss. I do 20:4 daily, no cheats, and I don’t lose at all for quite a while now, unless I do the 100 hour fast. Good luck =).

(Inna Sterbet) #112

How do you manage 72 hours with no food? I’m not sure I can do it, I get lightheaded after 20 hours…

(Susan) #113

I have been doing Keto since February 2019. I started out doing 12:12, moved to 18:6 fairly early on, then have been 20:4 for ages. I started with a 24 hour water fast the first time, then just increased it, now the longest I have done is a bit over 100 hours, but I normally do the Zornfast that we do on the forum every month (which is the third Thursday of the month). We do a thread on it and do it together, often the same people. Due to a LOT going on with my family at the moment, I didn’t feel that I was emotionally able to do it this time, but plan to do it again in a couple of weeks for the July one =). It really helps when everyone is doing it together. I very rarely feel real hunger anymore, and when I do, usually drinking a few glasses of water or some plain herbal tea generally helps a lot.

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #114

@Inna You’ve asked this same question in another general topic. I suggest you start a new topic to discuss only this issue. This particular topic (‘Off Topic Forums’) is not the place since few continue to view old topics like this. I’m sure if you started a new topic, you would get lots more responses and maybe even some useful/helpful advise about it.

Just a quick comment, though. If you get light-headed after 20 hours of fasting, something’s not right. Maybe you are referring to pre-keto experiences when you were a sugar-burner? With your brain running on glucose, you can get light-headed not eating, although even then there is probably something amiss, for example low blood pressure, rather than simply a lack of glucose. We evolved quite effectively to maintain brain activity regardless of intermittant energy intake. If you are consistently in ketosis, your brain is running predominantly on ketones. As long as you have body fat available to convert to ketones, your brain will continue to function normally during a fast. Also, prior experience as a sugar-burner may prompt you to fear severe hunger from fasting. But that doesn’t happen while you’re in ketosis. ‘Keto hunger’ is a very different experience than ‘carb hunger’.