Can we have an "off topic" forum?/"The Great Off-Topic Thread"

(Susan) #83

Oh okay, sorry. I wasn’t aware of that; I only mentioned because when I get stalled the fasts seem to help me personally. I am sure in time, your body will start losing again =).

(Graci) #84

We participated in a bee pollination project a couple of years ago and planted a bunch of wild flowers :bouquet: That was at our old house though :confused:


Well, losing weight is different than recomposing fat. Midlife bodies prefer lean mass restoration and visceral fat reduction for health, much of which goes unseen and doesn’t get any credit. (Though some people get DEXA scans to prove stuff out, even DEXA scans can vary in accuracy).

Sometimes the ‘gains’ in weight are actually muscle mass/bone density restoration that is lifesaving, along with new water weight as fat cells swap up fat and start to fill with water before shrinking. Being that water has more volume than fat, the body can actually get a little heavier and swell a little in measurements before a swoosh happens, etc., as you prob already know.

For me as a non-obese gal with waist and waist-to-height ratio within the ‘healthy/non-overweight’ zone, the simple verification of inches lost and maintained is what I go by - I figure my overall mass is not getting lighter until officially in the post-menopausal phase (though I’ve started to weigh myself weekly simply because am curious - and it sure does fluctuate!).

Pulsatility - changing things up regularly - seems to be the key for me and possibly most all folks, once 100% fat-adapted. Keeping the metabolism on its toes, so to speak. The physicians who wrote the classic LCHF/keto book Protein Power (the Drs. Eades) talk about the preference being to inhabit the ‘keto cusp’ for metabolic agility, rather than merely deep ketosis steady state - for the 100% fat adapted that is. From what I can tell of the Phinney/Volek/Westman updates to the Atkins diet it involves higher whole foods carb allowances, introduced incrementally at 10g amounts, similar to the Eades plan - with the idea that it’s beneficial to cultivate metabolic flex.

Here’s to unseen healing and eventual body recomposition!


Am I going to have to reprimand everyone for getting back on topic now? :joy:

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I’m also very leery of fasting because! a few years ago, I lost 60lbs by calorie restriction. Ever since then I have a very low tolerance for being hungry and feeling deprived. I know that my year long binge was due to feeling deprived and I really screwed up my metabolism.

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I tried growing loofahs but think I only saw one sex flower and apparently there’s two.

Did you know you can eat them small, or dry them into sponges?

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I had no clue that you could eat them! What kind of climate do you need to grow them?

(Jill Carpenter aka space coast spinster) #90

I’m in Florida. I think it’s like a zucchini squash thing, but you’d have to check growing seasons.

Don’t know if they’re keto friendly :rofl:

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I wanted to grow, dry, remove seeds, and pour soap into them, slice and sell.

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I really got into popping cheese for a while, partly because it was so cool to watch! I tried several types of cheese, sizes of cubes, and lengths of time sitting out before popping. The best results for me were the hardest, driest cheeses cut into larger cubes and set out for three days. When mine pop they truly pop, like all over the oven! I bought a screen at the dollar store to place over the pan and keep those buggers in line. There are many versions of the instructions out there, one being

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Conflicted now!

Have a self standing convection oven that I can use as a dehydration thing or roast a chicken in. :rofl:

Will see if I can shape some parchment in there and crispy some cheese curds!

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I like the idea of an off-topic thread. Some accountability threads are very active because people hang out and talk about a variety of things. But to me it’s almost like a popularity contest–whose thread is cooler, funnier, etc.

A general off-topic thread seems more democratic.

Also, it will help newcomers know what to expect. Even as a relative oldie, I sometimes go to so-and-so’s thread to see how their keto journey is unfolding and to offer my support, only to find that the discussion for the past 5 days has been all about something else entirely.

I support this thread, and I’ll be back!

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lmao this cannot be helped as some folk are just funnier and cooler (not me; my thread is mostly negativity and draws few fans) :smiley:

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Perhaps it’s the title of your thread? (I did like the movie Fight Club though, which was about a guy beating himself up.)

However, my last boyfriend was a dear person who had ADHD meltdowns, during which he physically beat himself up. Very sad and scary for me.

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LMAOOOO no doubt! :grinning:



I shared your feelings in regards to “tough love time” and I felt and done the same multiple times - we need threads like yours, too :slight_smile: We don’t really do “acceptance,” “love yourself,” “self-shaming” in our part of the world :wink:

I wish I could write like beefcake :joy:

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Yeah in my household it’s more “accept nothing less than perfection” and “love the results of your hard work and efforts”.
All of my children are successful to varying impressive degrees per their respective -widely varied- stations in life, never gave a speck of trouble even as teens and share my disdain for the “participation award” mentality.

That said, we’re all pretty much emotionless machines so there’s that :smile:

HRH King @BeefCake kicks major ass :star_struck:

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SWEEET!! :smiley:


That’s a great deal!! I always like a special offer. I just hope it doesn’t turn out to be MLM down the line - if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. :wink: