Can we have an "off topic" forum?/"The Great Off-Topic Thread"

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You are welcome; the only thing one must be aware of is their sizing. I have bought most of my grand daughter’s clothes from there, and she will be 3 on July 6 and I buy her size 3 from Walmart, but size 4 or even 5 from there. The clothing, shoes etc fit smaller than our North American sizing. I buy a lot of clothes, toys, kitchen things, makeup, nail polish, etc (for my 3 daughters and myself, much cheaper!) and I always click the “free shipping” box so it shows me the things that are free to ship to Canada only, to keep my costs down.

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Before I found this forum and when I was researching before starting, I found a forum on one of , if not the most popular online tracking websites. It wasn’t just for keto, but for people doing Atkins, low carb, all sorts of stuff. To me, that forum was garbage in terms at least of what I was looking for, specifically information and tips and inspiration from people living keto. Forum seemed more like a singles group than anything else.

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I went on a shopping Bonanza today.
Bought these over priced things.

I think the moon cheese must be freeze dried.

I was mostly intrigued by the buns on the breakfast sandwich and want to reproduce those.
If I can and they’re any good I’ll just freeze some of that bread.

(hottie turned hag) #64

That cheese looks interesting af. Is it just balls o’cheese? How is it crunchy?

(Jill Carpenter aka space coast spinster) #65

It’s verging on cheese balls crunchy.

Those were 3$ for that little bag though.

So, last year I was looking at getting a small freeze dryer, because there’s a site that sells them for just around two grand but I don’t have anywhere to put it in my micro-sized apartment. But it’s almost like they baked cheese curds or they freeze dried them or something. What’s nice about them as they don’t have to go in the refrigerator.


As the season rolled around, we met with our cleaning lady and she commented on how much weight I lost and her situation, so I, of course, told her about keto. She is a very smart and open-minded 50-year-old woman, so she listened and seemed very interested. I sent her a bunch of links and the name of Croatia’s lchf author :wink: I purchased Leanne Vogels “keto for women” for her, as a gift, for everything she does for us, and I would love to write a little note for her…I am very weak at writing dedications, so can someone at the tavern maybe offer a suggestion?

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We give you this book in gratitude for all the hard work you have put in to make our home a lovely place to be, in the hope that it helps you to achieve something for yourself. With love xx


That sound great Polly, thanks :slight_smile:

(Polly) #69

You’re welcome @Meerkatsandy. I think the idea of such a gift is a lovely one and I hope it provides the recipient with the help she needs.


I hope so too :slight_smile: I’m histamine intolerant, she has food intolerances, so we recognized each other’s pain :joy: I happily reported how much much better I’m doing, how well low-carb decreases inflammation and allows me to eat things I wouldn’t have been able to before…

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Here’s something to ponder…despite both my zucchini plant and lemon-cucumber plant having dozens of blossoms on them for weeks now, that is all they seem to be interested in producing. Blossoms then drop off zucchini plant and nothing. Watermelon plant is growing incredibly slow, nowhere big enough to even blossom yet and these were started a couple months ago :face_with_monocle:

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We have had the same experience with zucchini this year. And last year the zucchini (4 plants) produced 1 zucchini and then they died out. Where do you live? I’m in VA, near Charlottesville. It is perplexing, usually we have zucchini coming out our ears.

(Jill Carpenter aka space coast spinster) #75

Fried zucchini blossoms. Yummm.

(Jane- Old Crone) #76

My husband says that the male and female blossoms haven’t been open at the same time. He can pollinate them if they’d open at the same time. We have really bad clay soil here too, but I’ve got a raised bed I built and put good soil in, so it’s not the soil. We have had a lot of rain this year though, so it could be that.


It could well be the ongoing collapse (“declining populations” in media jargon) of pollinators - due to pesticides, professional exterminators (who are still allowed to exterminate rather than required to relocate hives), and climate catastrophe of course.

Pollinators include honey bees, but are also native non-honeymaking bees (tons of varieties, all solitary burrowers), wasps, hornets, and other creatures. Others here, including @Janie, are beekeepers who a bunch more more than I do about this.

Currently in the U.S., there are last-ditch-effort beekeepers that travel with tons of hives around U.S. agriculture areas to aid in pollination, such as this fellow, whose story was a national bestseller:

Personally I made great strides in getting bee & butterfly friendly native plants and irrigation set up in my habitat over the last couple years (via a friend with deeply discounted supplies/install) - plus an outdoor fountain with the right kind of shallow, pebble/glass filled basin that is safe for the bees to drink from and not drown in. I fill the fountain everyday by hand with a hose (and added a water filter to it this year to further provide sweet natural water) - and it’s a very popular watering hole (for birds in the wee hours of the morning too).

I’m mindful and calm when tending the fountain, and I quietly talk with the bees/wasps and tell them what I’m up to - they seem to appreciate it and I’ve not been stung once (yet). :honeybee:

As a result, the already-present 4-5 y.o. fruit trees (peach, lemon, lime) had a huge upsurge in fruiting!!! It’s really quite amazing. There’s nothing sadder than having blossoms but no fruit or squash - which is what was going on in my backyard and planter box before making pollinator-friendly changes.

(Jane- Old Crone) #78

Interestingly, we have been planting and nurturing pollinator friendly plants on our property for years. We don’t kill bees and relocate them outdoors if they get in the house. I’m known as a bit of a “bee whisperer” and talk to any wasps or bees that are being annoying and they usually go away when I ask nicely. Plenty of pollinators are visiting my zucchini plants, but unfortunately unless both male and female blooms are open at the same time, pollination cannot happen. We now have open female blooms, and other blooms that look near ready to open. We are hopeful that the new blooms will be male and will open while the females are still viable. Meanwhile, our compost bin is overflowing with volunteer tomato plants from the organic tomato scraps I’ve put in it. LOL, I didn’t plant tomatoes this year because they’re not very Keto friendly. Looks like I’m going to have a bumper crop anyway! :rofl:


Huh! So it’s more an issue of the plant species sex, I see… I don’t know much about that, but wow!

Congrats on the organic tomato plants instead! Life wants to live - and compost is quite a lot of magic there. :sparkles:

Well, in moderation tomatoes are great. I like a half of tomato fried in butter with my eggs it’s so colorful! And last week, I made tabouli with parsley, tomatoes etc and riced cauliflower instead of bulgur wheat - worked great, and is very refreshing with grilled/roasted fatty meat. Since I hit the 1.5 year mark of LCHF/keto, I’m staying around 75g total carbs/day no prob and with ongoing recomp fortunately.

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Wow! I can’t go over 20g carbs without gaining… I can only dream of the day I can relax my diet a bit. I still should lose about 20 pounds or so, I’d be happy with 10, but I’m not losing at all.

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Have you considered doing a fast for a few days to try and reset yourself or cause autophagy?

I want to do a 72 hour one next week to do this, hoping for good results =).

(Jane- Old Crone) #82

I’ve done a few. I do frequent 24-48 hour fasts. I did one for 4 days. I get headaches and dizziness (even though I’m drinking my water and getting adequate electrolytes). The difficulty is probably from my multiple health issues.