Can we have an "off topic" forum?/"The Great Off-Topic Thread"

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Your private messages are just that, private, even from the admins. Access is limited to those who are invited to participate.

But I would still hope that civility and politeness would prevail even in private discussions. That is not an unreasonable expectation, is it?

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Not this.

At least, that’s what the Discourse forum says. Maybe a quick read of that would be in order.

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The admin staff here is what Discourse calls “moderators.” “Admin” and “staff” are levels above what we are. My understanding is that only “owner” level access can get into private messages.

(Susan) #24

I think “Hot Topics” that could cause potential heated arguments should be banned from friendly forums.

These tops I think would be:

Politics, Religion, Recreational Drugs, Sexual topics, any form of Racism, or talk about Illegal things.

I play an online game, and am a moderator there, and those are the rules we have, and it seems to work well, and avoids any conflicts =).

(hottie turned hag) #25

Add to that list: gender issues, classism (* raising hand*: guilty), feminism.

(Susan) #26

For sure, I am sure I didn’t cover all the topics that might be included, we have a “nothing offensive to others” category on our list, which can include anything we neglected to mention specifically =) but yes you are so right, with the things you mentioned, @BlueViolet.

(Brian) #27

Legitimate keto related stuff, even if on the outskirts of the taboo are sometimes tolerated, though. Tone is quite important.

For instance, we don’t get in to inappropriate sexual topics… but there have been discussions about how keto has affected things like desire or performance, and for some, those things have been improved through their keto lifestyle! We don’t get into inappropriate political stuff either but some might look at people like Tim Noakes and all of the political crap that came crashing down on him and talk about it in light of the keto lifestyle, food pyramid stuff, FDA stuff, AMA stuff, etc. It’s sometimes quite relevant. We don’t get into inappropriate bashing of particular religions but certain of them do advocate things that conflict with the keto lifestyle.

Where the discussion is relevant and the focus is keto, reasonable discussions can, have, do, and will happen. At least that’s the way it’s been in the past.

Again, I’m not an admin. But having been around for a while, I’ve watched… :wink:

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Bloody hell!:roll_eyes:I was thinking about things like “what’s your favourite film/song/”, what are you watching on tv tonight. I didn’t realise what a hotbed such a thread would be!!:sunglasses:
Best stick to Keto subjects😃

(Susan) #29


That all makes sense, what you just posted =) I meant sticking with non-offensive topics/discussions that won’t upset people, as we don’t want anyone “fighting” or leaving the forum over stuff, you know?

(Jacqueline Porter) #30

In terms of “politics” I find the political history surrounding our food guidelines and health facinating!

(Jill Carpenter aka space coast spinster) #31

I don’t expect any privacy in forums I post to on the web. It’s not my forum and not my rules. Especially with a free forum. :wink:

But honestly I don’t have anything to hide. Except the alien chip I think is planted in my head. Government might want to slice me up if they found out. :rofl:

OT would be what music you like, playing word games, or maybe even showing off your pets.

(Brian) #32

That’s a good way to look at anything done on your computer, even stuff that’s supposed to be “private”. It is amazing the things that our phones find out about us by listening. We’ve had it start talking to the TV, apparently because of something said on the TV. We’ve had numerous occasions where we start getting advertising based upon nothing other than conversations we’ve had recently. (And no, there was no Google search of these particular things. We’ve done it deliberately a few times. Kinda scary, almost.)

Almost nothing is private where modern electronics live. Stuff typed onto forums,… it’s best to figure that you’ve posted for the entire world to see. If it’s juicy enough, it might be. :wink:

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Indeed. Those who disparage admins -who are volunteers- and criticize site owners piss me off.

This comment to me seems in poor form. Tacky.

(Randy) #34

It’s unfortunate, but often inevitable, that when a forum reaches a certain size there will be a small group of “button pushers” and an equal but opposite group of people looking to get their buttons pushed and complain about it. Ruins it for everyone else. We’re all adults. We should be able to have a “Lounge” or a “Pub” if you will with light, friendly off topic subjects. It can be a great way to build a community and learn about each other.

Can we? As Tom Petty said: “The Future Is Wide Open”… :slight_smile:

(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #35

All good and true points and hey we all make mistakes. You live and you learn. But I do wonder if certain “hot button” topics vs others cause a certain “penalty,” for lack of a better term.

ETA - also curious as to who exactly decides what the penalty for said “offense” is

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Call it the Hog and Bull Tavern :smiley:

(It's all about the bacon, baby) #37

We have plenty threads of that type around, so don’t hesitate to join in.

(hottie turned hag) #38

I mean, anyone can just make a “Hog and Bull Tavern” thread and put it in chat or community, no? Wouldn’t that serve the purpose?

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Ultimately, it’s the Dudes. They own the site, and what they say, goes. They provide the forums as a free service, paying most of the cost out of their own pockets, because they feel a desire to give back, since they have both benefited greatly from the ketogenic diet. If anyone feels grateful for the forums and would like to help keep them going, please check out the Patreon page and consider making a pledge, if you can.

As for the admin staff, we don’t think in terms of penalties, but rather in terms of trying to de-escalate situations that appear to be going out of control. It doesn’t always work. And we can’t talk about a lot of what we do, because it happens behind the scenes, so as to avoid hurting, shaming, or embarrassing people.

The banner post contains more information about admin policies, and the Community Guidelines give an idea of what the Dudes are hoping to achieve by making these forums available. There are also Terms of Service that apply; members might wish to familiarize themselves with those provisions, as well.

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As my mother would say, never say or write something that you don’t want to appear in the newspaper.