Can we have a 'hypertension' section under the Health category

(Marc Colbeck) #1

This is the primary reason I’m doing keto and I’m getting a bit stuck. It would be nice to be able to chat with others who have this as their focus too.

Thanks for considering it!


(Eric) #2

i support this request

(Raj Seth) #3

I had BP. doc put me on Lisinopril HCTZ. Went keto and in 2 mos was 110/70 on meds. Stopped meds. Months later 110-120/70-80
It’s the lowering of insulin that does it, IMO

(Marc Colbeck) #4

2 months, ok. I’ve been on it two months, but I tracked my normal eating today but I’ve been getting lazy and I think I’ve been about 40-60 carbs a day. Still showing ketosis on the pee sticks, but I guess I need to be REALLY strict in order to get the antihypertensive effects that I’m looking for. Rats. :unamused:

(Raj Seth) #5

I was targeting minimal carbs. And the trick is the second part of LCHF. High Fat. We are too conditioned by the lies we have heard to go HF easily.
Low carbs - low insulin
High fat - not much insulin
LCHF -> lowers insulin

Don’t need carbs. After 9 months keto - don’t want carbs, carb substitutes, bread wannabes, desserts, etc

It happens. Give it time. KCKO

(Leah) #6

I support the hypertension subforum.