Can we get people to stop freaking out about not losing weight fast enough?

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Viewed a different way, that’s an 8.8 lbs body recomp after already being keto for years. That’s impressive as all get out, even if it’s only 3 lbs on the scale.

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No, because they see the front page of r/keto and it’s mostly “I lost 75 percent of my bodyweight in two weeks!” posts and so they think that’s what happens. (I ended up writing a blog post about it because I’m a journalist and we write things.)

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Normally, I would agree with you. Unless you’re genetically gifted, 4 pounds of muscle mass in a year is a lot. However, shoulder surgery basically takes you to near zero musle mass. I’ve also been lifting weights since I was 16, so I have a muscle memory - my muscles remember being much bigger, so maybe that helped.

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It’s never going to stop. Everyone expects a quick fix.

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So I started dieting January of 2017, with just intermittent fasting I ended up eating OMAD and went from 330 to 230 by November. Now due to the holidays and getting off track by January I was back at 250. That’s when I went keto, by February I was down to 220. In one month of keto I lost the 20 lbs I put on and an additional 10. Since February I lost absolutely nothing bounced around between 220 and 223 measurements never changed. I felt great though I loved the food I was eating and most importantly I was not scared of putting the weight back on which I’ve always done. So I just kept eating keto and not worrying about the weight. Then all of a sudden I’ve dropped 5 lbs and 2.5 inches in my waist in the last 9 days. Keep calm and keto on people

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Tell them they’re not getting enough helium in their diet.

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I agree with this so much (every word)!

Honestly, the success stories I appreciate the most are the ones that emphasis the NSV, and focus on their improved health.

Any diet can promise you “11 pounds in 11 days”, but I care about how long you’re going to live and how rewarding that life is going to be.

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What? Is that a thing? My understanding is muscle memory is the nerves know how to do certain things, play a piece of music, other physical movements. Are you making this stuff up?
And zero muscle mass? I assume you are just using hyperbole.


Muscle memory is a thing with weight lifting too

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Most people on this diet seem to drop a ton of weight right away, so it’s only natural to question why I have not.

Regardless, I feel like my relationship with food and hunger is so much better that it’s inevitable that I will lose over time. I am really heavy with tons of fat to spare and I enjoy activities that would only improve dramatically if I lost weight… so, yea, I do hope it will speed up.

Weight loss is a huge drive of diet of any kind. So, I get what you’re saying, but it’s important that I lose weight on a diet. If I don’t, my activities are more of a strain to my body and I wonder if there’s something wrong.

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It’s less a diet per se than a change of lifestyle/way of eating, IMHO.

It took me a long time to get my body into as a bad a shape as it is, it’ll take me a fair while to get it fixed.

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Okay. So do muscles “remember” being larger? I’m just curious what that means? Thank you.

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For you maybe. For some of us this may be our last hope at weight loss. Ive been stalled for 4 months. Should I KCKO? Not if it isnt working. I know me and i know that i am on the verge of giving up. Only continued weight loss will keep me motivated.
Im trying deperately to keto on rather than give up, but to hear that some of you are upset at others need for answers and results, seems rather rude.
We’re not all like you, and if you dislike those threads so much, cant you just scroll on by?
Those threads may hold the answer for someone in need.
Let us all choose to read the threads that benefit us.

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Sort of, actually… if you were fit in the past, your body remember’s being in that state. It also remembers if you had more muscle, specific workouts and movements, etc. It created those neuropathways and will more easily return to using those pathways if you so choose.

Like riding a bike

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I feel your pain. My friend feels the same as you. Try not to stress over it though, your body hates stress. Idk, if you are, but are you exercising at all? Even just walking?

How about seeking out a professional in your area to help you?

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Sorry, what did I say in what you quoted that relates to the above?

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It’s actually this whole thread but “its a way of life”? I dont want a way of life that feels like i’m beating my head against a wall with nothing to show for it but lumps!
Im sorry i singled you out but this whole thread sounds like the more expierenced people here are tired of the same questions from new comers.
Sorry, but were all at different stages on this journey. I hope i make it to the place youre all in today.

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This might be. Went lazy keto 3 years ago and lost maybe 45 lbs pretty fast. Gained some back. 3 months ago went full keto and I have been really strict about it. One day maybe went to 60g carbs for a wedding of a dear friend.

Lost 18 lbs. Lost at least 4 inches around the waist. Much fat gone everywhere but the belly. Many NSV.

According to my PCP my level of system inflammation the last 3 years was lower than she had ever seen it with me.

Now I’m pushing with IF 18/6 and soon EF.