Can Lemsip Max kick you out of ketosis?

(Scarlett Hyde) #1

So I fell with a really bad fever, 40.5 degrees celsius and I stayed in bed for basically all day. My parents were desperately trying to make me eat something, anything, my dad in particular still doesn’t agree with my keto ways. He would bring me carrot and orange smoothies, mangoes, and I would refuse them and I could only manage small sips of water. Eventually, he came with a very yellow looking liquid and insisted that it didn’t have sugar, it was simply medicine. I took a sip of it and almost gagged, it was the sweetest thing I ever tasted since my keto journey. But my dad was persistent and I had to finish that mug of whatever it was. I begged to see the package but alas, they refused to show it to me. That happened yesterday, and earlier this morning, I had enough strength to find out what it was, in the packaging, it said with clear words, also contains sucrose and aspartame. My dad just shrugged his shoulder and went “whoops”. I didn’t eat much that day, some Greek Style Yoghurt and like 7 blueberries. I don’t have my keto sticks with me so I can’t check whether I’m out of ketosis or not. I’m kind of mad and it’s frustrating as I told my dad multiple times to check if it has any form of sugar. So, does anybody have any experience or knowledge to know whether I have been kicked out of ketosis.

(Clare) #2

I was regularly taking sudafed last week (Same ingredients) and I was just fine :blush:

(Clare) #3

Not sure about Lemsip though I’d opt for a tablet form if you’re feeling really crappy.

(Allie) #4

Regular Lemsip contains sugar so will kick you out if ketosis yes, but the effects will be short lived so don’t stress yourself out. Just get back on track and you’ll be fine.