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(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #711

Sunday morning, day off - so I did this. I left out the salt from the keto mix which was overall a good idea, although likely some salt would be OK. I put the salt and DOMs in the coffee, which otherwise I consumed black and hot, around 160°F.

All was good - keto ‘pudding’ was nothing to crow about tastewise, although quite palatable. The major flavours derive from the mix of fats - so there’s wiggle room for experimentation with proportions while maintaining the overall nutrient totals. There’s only a very minute amount of sucralose in one of the two whey powders, so virtually no ‘sweet’.

The plain, black coffee was OK as well. I never liked hot brewed black coffee because of the overwhelming acidity and bitterness. But cold brew eliminates that. There’s is a very slight bitter flavour I suspect is inherent in the coffee bean itself, but it’s not accentuated by brewing cold and drinking hot.

Overall, a good first experience.

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #712

I’m referring a specific example here, but not initiating a discussion about the specific example. This applies equally to nutritional science.

To create a crisis of trust in science

  1. Ban gain-of-function research
  2. Rogue bureaucrats fund it abroad (Wuhan, China) instead
  3. Lab leak occurs - global pandemic ensues
  4. Scientific leaders (esp one who’s name rhymes with ‘Falsi’) lie to cover their butts
  5. Label dissenters as conspiracy loons and/or racists

It amazes me how many people don’t get this:

The most anti-Chinese (and bigoted) theory of COVID’s origin was never the lab leak.

The most anti-Chinese and bigoted theory was that COVID started because China’s dietary conditions are primitive and unsanitary (stop eating bats!).

— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) October 24, 2021

Personally, going on two years I’m sick and tired of the nonsense about a virus whose survival rate among anyone under 70 years old is 99.7% or higher. Just as I am sick an tired of mainstream nutritional ‘science’ that has resulted in the trifecta of diabetes, cardio-vascular disease and obesity affecting upwards of 50% of the population or more. I am looking at the probability of ostracization from society simply because I refuse to become a guinea pig in a massive experiment in genetic manipulation. The Nuremburg Charter, of which Canada is a signatory, not withstanding.

76 and Healthy, thank you

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Deep Thoughts™


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Egad, dude, step away from whatever it is you’re reading. Just stop reading it.

There’s basically no evidence covid was created in a lab. None.

And your number of 99.7 percent is complete garbage. Absolute junk. I’ve seen way too many people on Twitter, many of them parents of teens, complaining of long covid, not being able to walk up stairs, POTS, etc. Hell, Dr. Unwin’s son had POTS for MONTHS after covid.

And if you think you’re somehow “immune” to covid because you eat well and are “healthy”, think again. Some people have a genetic makeup that causes them to be susceptible:

This is about MIS-C, but they discuss adults too.

Basically, some people elicit a “super antibody” response to covid, which causes many extra antibodies, leading to a cytokine storm. That cytokine storm causes MIS-C in kids and deaths in adults.

They’ve traced it to at least one genome. If you happen to have that genome, you could be dead if you get covid. The only thing that works reliably is monoclonal antibodies, but they have to be taken in about the first week after symptoms.

This guy is right near where I live and died early in the pandemic. A young, healthy physical trainer:

42 year old former body builder dies from covid:

Another body builder:

Yet another body builder:

16 year old, healthy athlete dies of covid:

Please stop thinking you’re God just because you happen to be healthy right now and eat a keto diet.

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Egad yourself. I tried to send this in a private message but you refuse to accept messages so I have to say it here in public.

Bob, much as I respect you, I think you are dead wrong about covid. There is a ton of evidence that covid originated in the WIV and Fauci (and others) has been covering it up to protect his ass. If you can’t or refuse to see that, too bad. There is also a ton of evidence that covid stats have been manipulated to make it appear like the Apocalypse.

I do not think I am god because I am healthy - that is a gratuitous swipe that is beneath you. I was quite healthy before keto to which I attribute fortuitous genetics, not omnipotence. Please stop thinking you are omniscient because you have a degree in something. Use your intelligence to investigate not parrot talking points.

I will post nothing else to you about this because I don’t want my personal topic or this post to get flagged and deleted.

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My vision of a library.


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Always Remember

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For what it’s worth, I completely agree with Michael. And what’s wrong with having this conversation? Or is this forum part of the cancel culture? Egads!

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I love old libraries! What are the things hanging from the books in the first row?

(Polly) #721

I think they are chained so you can only read the books on the desk in front of the shelves. The books cannot be taken further away than the adjacent desk.

(Polly) #722

There have been a few heated discussions on such subjects on other threads which have resulted in the threads being closed.

The admins and moderators here do a great job and one of those jobs is to prevent things getting political or personal. For this reason I have done as suggested by Michael and not got drawn into a discussion of the post in question.

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That makes sense! Must be rare books, then. Cool.

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@Polly1 @Janie The photo links to the library for further info.

The Chained Library at Wells Cathedral houses books published before 1800. These were collected by the canons in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries and reflects their wide-ranging intellectual interests. The core of the collection of some 2,800 volumes is theology, but science, medicine, history, exploration and languages are also well-represented. There are some good examples of manuscript books but the medieval contents of the Library were lost at the time of the Reformation.

The strength of the collection is in printed books, the earliest being a Pliny Naturalis Historiae printed in Venice in 1472 by Nicholas Jenson. Other early books include Vesalius’ De Humanis Corporis Fabrica of 1555, which is the book of anatomy that heralded the advent of biology as a subject, and the earliest complete atlas of the world by Abraham Ortelius which was first published in English in 1606. The set of Aristotle’s works published in Venice in 1497 belonged to Erasmus and has his signature and annotations.

The Chained Library can be viewed by the public from the Reading Room, and provides opportunities for enchanting photographs.

I have fond memories of my college years, spending time at the study desks in ‘the stacks’. :open_book:

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Me, too

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Long ago and far away (in time and mind) I said that “Covid was not the end of the world as we know it.” I was wrong. Not about the disease - but about the insanity of the response to it. I now think…

This is the end… of our elaborate plans, the end… I’ll never look into your eyes again.
This is the end… all the children are insane.
This is the end… my only friend, the end.


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Your cold brew posts intrigued me… only because you talk about how much less acid it has and milder when you drink it black.

We switch to black coffee when fasting and it is harder than not eating! I miss my HWC and a few drops of Stevia in my morning java. Maybe the cold brew will help? Sounds like it from your posts. I’ll have to do some more research.

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Ok, doing the “poor man’s” version of cold brew since I am starting a 60-hr fast tomorrow and don’t have a fancy rig like yours!

Our coffee grinder is set for 56 g, so I scaled my water to match the ratio in the video (80 g coffee, 6 cups water). I had to go up into my attic to get one of my glass half-gallon mason jars. Mixed the coffee and water and set it in the fridge. I have one of those “pour over” coffee carafes that I will use a Melitta filter in to strain the grounds out tomorrow morning.

I will report back on my experiment!

Btw, when you heat up your cold brew, does it change the flavor or become more acidic?