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Chemical engineer raising her hand…… most people have NO IDEA how different their lives would be w/o polyethylene from oil. Forget fueling your cars! Think about life with no trash bags, no baggies, no plastic wrap, no Tupperware, no plastic milk bottles, no plastic wrap around cheese, meats, even some produce.

(Jane) #692

Try to use your sous vide without a plastic bag!

(Jane) #693

Cars, appliances, tools all have much more plastic in them to make them cheaper, lighter, expendable (replace in 2 years).

That comes from evil oil.

(Laurie) #694

I remember when many things were not plastic. Glass milk bottles, wax paper for sandwiches, paper bags. Tupperware was the latest thing. Most small appliances, vacuum cleaners, etc., weighed a ton because they were made of metal.

More recently, I worked in a car parts factory. Bumpers, hoods, etc., were so light that a woman could (and often did) easily carry one. The car parts flopped around while you walked.

(Jane) #695

Me, too. My old Singer sewing machine was all metal and didn’t move an inch at top pedal speed.

My new one is so lightweight it vibrates and moves at higher speeds.

(Doug) #696

:+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

I do miss the little metal tubes for lip balm, though.

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The BOZ has arrived! I am very impressed with the arrival - ordered on Monday, here on Thursday. Even with a credit card glitch on my first payment attempt. Kudos to Amazon. I must say BOZ does a great packing job. The brewer was embedded in styrofoam which in turn was tightly enclosed in its BOZ box. Amazon, not so much. The BOZ box was just thrown into a larger box where it was free to flop around. I am very glad BOZ did the great job they did packing it. So no damage! But a bit of styrofoam on the floor trying to get the thing out of the BOZ box. It looks great and will christen it tomorrow night. Here’s the unpacking sequence:

(Edith) #698

I’m not a coffee drinker, but my husband is. We currently have a Keurig and I have fun picking out different flavors of coffee for him to try. I would like to try something different for him when he has more time on the weekends. I’ve heard that coffee made using a pour-over (I think that’s what it is called) method is pretty good. What is it about cold brew that you like?

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@VirginiaEdie Coffee beans contain many different compounds that produce multiple flavours. When you extract the flavour compounds quickly with hot water, the process tends to extract only the strongest flavours and all the more subtle flavours either get overwhelmed or don’t get extracted at all. In addition, quick, hot water extraction concentrates both the acidity and bitterness of the beans. On the other hand, slow, cold extraction allows time for the more subtle flavours to come out of the beans and does not accentuate the acidity and bitterness.

When I started cold brewing I suddenly discovered a whole world of flavours I never suspected existed in coffee. I began to taste the flavour differences between different coffees. Whereas before I started to cold brew, it didn’t much matter what brand of coffee I used - it all tasted pretty much the same. Sure, there was a difference between light, medium and dark roasts. But that was about it. Now I can taste the difference between say medium roasts from different brands from different regions and blends. It’s simply amazing how varied the flavour profile can be when it’s not drowned by acidity and bitterness.

Of course, if you’ve only had hot brewed coffee all your life and think ‘that’s what coffee tastes like’ then you’re likely to be disappointed at first that it doesn’t taste like that any more. But give it time. Give yourself time to taste the subtle flavours and back off the addiction to acidity and bitterness. Coffee is a truly amazing beverage - if you let it.

(Bob M) #700

That is an interesting one. Does the glass jar go in the fridge afterward? Or do you have to have a separate container?

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@ctviggen I generally brew at room temp and pour the coffee into a mason jar. If I’m not going to drink it right away I put the mason jar in the fridge. Some folks like to brew in the fridge but I’ve never tried that so don’t know if it makes any difference. But to answer your question yes, this would fit in the fridge.

(Bob M) #702

The one I have, you brew in a plastic container, then it comes with a (large) carafe that goes in the fridge. You drain the plastic container into the carafe.

The system you bought looks interesting, and after you get done “brewing”, you can take the center part out and put the whole thing in the fridge. Not bad.

(Edith) #703

Thanks for the explanation. One more question: Can you heat it up to drink after it’s been cold brewed or does heating destroy all the subtle flavors released by the cold brewing?

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I usually drink my coffee hot, although during the summer heat wave I drank it cold and usually refrigerated. I discovered then that - yes! - drinking temp matters, too. I used to drink my coffee at 180°F but now more like 160 instead and I’ve read that 145°F is the ‘ideal’. So there’s a lot of wiggle room to experiment to find your own ‘best temp’.

(Bob M) #705

I usually drink cold brew, even in the winter. But others will heat it up.

Also, you can vary the strength. I’m currently using 1/2 cup cold brew and filling up to 1-1/4 cups (yes, I use a measuring cup). Others can use less (or more water) or even drink it straight.

I use something like this:

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Christening the BOZ. I decided for my first use to make 2-liters to match my usual coffee…

64 grams of Paramount Jamaican Me Crazy:

Oops! The BOZ nominal ‘2-liters’ turns out to be 1948.9 grams filled to the top:

I emptied some of the water, inserted the filled coffee filter then poured back in as much of the water as I could. There were 130 grams leftover. So total usable water capacity is really more like 1840 grams, not ‘2-liters’. My ‘2-liter’ mason jar holds only 1900 grams with about 1/8" head space. I’ve been using 1000 grams of water as my standard measure, so I will have to adjust that somewhat. I’ll probably start to make a concentrate to mix with plain water to make my morning liter of coffee. Anyway, here’s the BOZ filled to cap:

Brewing (I brew at room temp for 24 hours):

Lets talk premium coffee
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What could possibly go wrong?

Anyway, nice photo of North Vancouver compliments of Zero Hedge:


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24 hours brew time. The filter/grounds removed from the BOZ, approx 59-60 oz or 1750ml remaining.

So I’ll have to make some adjustments. I could reduce my morning ‘liter’ by 125ml and get a couple of mornings with equal amounts. I could make one morning a full liter and the next whatever is left. I could use more coffee and then top up each morning with plain water to retain the same concentration. I could make a concentrate such that I would get four 1-liter servings to match my current cuppa. I may try all these. Making a concentrate sufficient for 4 x 1-liter servings seems most useful.

I’ve also been thinking about eating my keto mix like I did when I tried Nitro Coffee and then drinking my morning coffee black and cold (or warm/hot). During the heat wave of July and August I drank my coffee refrigerated each morning and liked it very much. Doing so would enable me to enjoy the various flavours of coffee I’ve been drinking without the addition of my keto mix.

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