Best quote of the day, anyone?

(Robin) #101

@PaulL always good at ending with a zinger, didn’t disappoint.

(Robin) #102

@FrankoBear is always a good bet if you are looking for some feel good, soulful writing…. Exhibit A:

“I’ve been out in the 11am full sunshine watering some trees on the property. Planning a dog paddle with Billie and Mrs. Bear on another beautiful summer afternoon.”

(Robin) #103

Happy Hamuary from @ourtown I like it. Hope it sticks.

(Robin) #104

Oh @Shinita, how I love your honesty and wit!

And then proceeded to eat the leftover boring sponge cake and 210g pork shoulder. Because I am a horrible person.

LOL. So far from horrible.

(Robin) #105

Such a fun exchange between two people who really get each other. @Shinita @Ketodaisy

(Robin) #106

@baconmecrazy You had me at coffee…

“ Like I said, I experimented around dairy with no results. Turns out, it’s not what I’m eating on carnivore, it’s when. Which is good because a dark roast with 40% cream is freakin’ amazing.
(sips coffee)

(Robin) #107

Two in a row for @baconmecrazy!


What do I win?

(Robin) #109

UP TO 1million dollars!

(Robin) #110

@Ronald_Weaver may need help sleeping tonight…

…”The last time I was in UK I tried to buy full fat yoghourt in a supermarket and I was treated as if I was asking for pornography. Everything is low or no fat !
So keep experimenting. You’ll probably get better advice from this forum than just about any doctor or so called expert you encounter… Am I allowed to say this ? Is the vegan squad going to kick my door in at 4am tonight?”

(KCKO, KCFO) #111

I have this problem around here. I just go with the no fat and add cream to mine. Works for me.

(Polly) #112

This is the one I would go for


This is awesome. I say roll with it and tell 'em full fat dairy is your kink.


I like this from @baconmecrazy a lot… :wink:

You are my spirit animal, Robin.

But the comment before this is good too :smiley: Full fat dairy as a kink :rofl: It’s actually tragic, full-fat is very normal, I never even believed in low-fat dairy… My mind couldn’t compute.

I rarely buy yogurt but I have a 4% one in my fridge. It’s low-fat to me. There is a reason I never was into yogurt, not fatty enough. I prefer sour cream (sometimes I see 25%… but the typical is 20% here).

(KCKO, KCFO) #115

From Lauries Year2:

The instructor said it would be 2 minutes. It felt like 20 minutes. I thought it would never end, and actually thought there was something wrong with the video or with my speaker.

Told you I wasn’t a yoga person.

(Robin) #116

Good share!

(Robin) #117

@SecondBreakfast is back. And judging from this post, will be fun to follow!

“ I felt pretty unworthy of coming on for a while, since jumping off the wagon… burning the wagon… and using the insurance money to buy carbs…”


Holy crap, that’s funny. What thread is that from?

(Robin) #119

@baconmecrazy Darn it, now I can’t find it! It’s possible I was reading an older post. @SecondBreakfast, you have any idea what post this is from? I know it was a long post with more info.

(Robin) #120

@baconmecrazy, @Tim_Cee had a similar good one …

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