Best quote of the day, anyone?

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Yes! That’s a good one!

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@Tim_Cee Keto Proverbs

(Bonus points for “pithy”.)


This from @David_Stilley is from an old thread, but it struck me as a very helpful summary of why eating too many processed keto foods can be harmful (especially sweets which I struggle to moderate):

… Carbs don’t have a satiety mechanism in our bodies. I think this carries over to artificially sweetened food when we switch to eating keto. It might fit your macros but the satiety signal is small compared to the hyper palatability of those foods, stimulating the pleasure center in the brain more than any satiety signals you get. This drives overeating of keto foods.

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ARGH! Yes, rings very true, doesn’t it?

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@Polly1 Normally that would be the case. (And I would vote for his nose.) But nothing would surprise me with @PaulL. He might very well take up half the page with that smug mug of his. LOL

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That’s fine, as long as he keeps posting.

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Agree Laurie, He’s a fave of mine.

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What does a poet and bacon have in common? we love them both.

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(LOLOL. I concur.)

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@Shinita for the win again! Classic!

“I better sleep now (I better sleep 2-3 hours ago but I can’t change the past).“

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From @robintemplin

Salads are also evil.

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They are so misleading. The devil is a liar and the father of it so salads are evil—unless it’s a meat salad.

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@PaulL (Comes back strong after the holidays with some rodent trivia.)

“Rats do have a smell, but I find it pleasant. Does tend to smell like grape soda, whereas bucks tend to smell like tortilla chips. Go figure!”

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@Shinita is my favorite read in the morning. Always some hidden and happy gems…

“I am a lucky hedonist. I can get real joy from so many sources…”

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I had a dear friend who is no longer with us, that always said “Everyone is beautiful, you just have to look deep into them to see it.” I try to live by that quote. I also look for joy in places where you would think there is none.

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Great thoughts, @collaroygal!

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Change is hard. Hence I prefer paper money.

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Makes perfect cents.

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@FrankoBear Never thought I’d hear this phrase: “flash fried thin squid strips.” And not sure I want to hear it again! LOL :vulcan_salute: