Best quote of the day, anyone?

(Robin) #41

Things that make you go. “Hmmm :thinking: Learn something new every day here. Squeaking cheese! Thanks, @Janie
What Did You Keto Today? Part IV

(Robin) #42

@Sailboarderr, Nice to hear from someone who has been at this enough years to have this outlook:
“What started as work years ago is now just simple living… and the health improvements/benefits have been miraculous…”

(April Siokos) #43

I love it! @Sailboarderr

(Robin) #44

YOu don’t get this quality advice just anywhere! Thanks @islandlight

(Laurie) #45

It’s not advice!

(Butter Withaspoon) #46

This one cracked me up :joy: :joy::rofl: I feel like I’ve had that bar, and spat it out

(Robin) #47

LOL. Well, I took it anyway!

(Robin) #48

I bet that keto bar was RE=gifted to you. This the season.

(Butter Withaspoon) #49

No no it was midwinter, in July, and high up on a chilly mountain range after hours of hard hiking- and it STILL tasted like chewing gum crossed with rubber faintly perfumed with cheap chocolate

(Robin) #50

Wow, so spot on, @PetiteFilet!
“My hubby and I joke how much we hate how much we love our diet LOLOL!”

(Robin) #51

LOL… a “mouthful”! seems appropriate.

(Robin) #52

@Camellia, a great slogan and tis the season to use it!

“It occurred to me to pay more attention to signs of “HALT” - you know, Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired - over the coming weeks when I know there will be more mental excuses, more opportunities and more peer pressure to eat off plan, than there has been for me in many months. I need to figure out how I am going to tackle this.”

(Robin) #53

Thanks @VirginiaEdie… I can always use a good chuckle.

(Robin) #54

Lololol, @gingersmommy

(Robin) #55

I can always count on @Shinita for a fun statement. Case in point…
“ Maybe I wrote too much about quark but it’s a wonderful topic”


I’ve eaten many Rudolphs in my life
hubby the hunter and we have Ruddy in the freezer for sure!

oh don’t shoot Bambi? omg the deer/hunter conservation is truly required in life but once we make a movie…HA

(Robin) #57

leave it to @Shinita and her SO…
“ My plan was NoFUSS (no food until sunset, my SO came up with the name)…”

(Robin) #58

In response to:

I suspect @PaulL may have hand in this entrepreneurial venture.

(Laurie) #59

They were talking about “dirty” keto, and innuendo, and @SomeGuy (Joey) said,

" … and when it comes to eating, there’s innuendo and out the other. :upside_down_face: "

(Robin) #60

Fabulous way to start my day off with a laugh…