Best quote of the day, anyone?

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You can just press on one word until it is highlighted, then expand that to the phrase you want to copy… then click on the highlighted area and choose copy. Then come back here to the quotes thread and click your cursor and press paste.

You can also copy the url at the top of the page and paste it… but it took me a while to master that.

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Thank you. How do you “expand” the highlighted area?

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You’ll see what looks like little handles on either end of the highlighted area, just drag your cursor rom those points.

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Thanks for adding this. I keep hoping more people will share. This is a good one.

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@robintemplin said,

little handles on either end of the highlighted area.

Amazing! Thank you. I’ll be back.

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Okay, here are a couple of submissions:

We were talking, naturally, about the Vulcan salute: :vulcan_salute::vulcan_salute::vulcan_salute:

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@PaulL Thanks! :vulcan_salute::vulcan_salute::vulcan_salute:

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A nice chuckle to wake up to
In response to @OldDoug : “I would just as soon not have turkey, period, though I do fancy a small child or dog…”

(Jane) #34

Not much more to it - the bees have an enzyme in their bellies that turns the nectar into honey. Then they concentrate it by producing heat from beating their wings to make it thick. Then they put a thin wax cap over it as final storage until they need it for food.

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Great quote from this guy @ourtown who also happens to have an epic avatar!

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@Janie, I can honestly say I have never experienced this!

(Robin) #37

You know… with a few minor changes, you just described my life pre-keto…
the woman has a bottomless pit in her belly that turns the cravings into food orgies. The calories concentrate, producing hot flashes from hell, making her thighs thick. She puts a thin cap of denial over it all and stores it until she finds more food.

(Robin) #38

YAY @April_Siokos
“Started seeing a new physio and I already like her. She listens.”


As a somewhat silly quote of mine made it in the first post (when I wrote that, I wondered if it’s stupid and I should learn English better or something, not like I don’t use my own language in interesting and clearly wrong but expressive ways sometimes… but then I thought, oh well, it expresses what is inside me), maybe you like another one of mine that I haven’t actually used yet.

“I am on a carnivore fast right now.”

It makes perfect sense to me.

Oh I say another thing, I dopn’t care if it’s a good quote, it’s self expression.
“No, it’s not bacon or cinnamon. An egg yolk makes everything better.”
I think about food here.
Not every food, by the way but very, very close. I only remember seitan as an exception. Lard is awesome in it though. Good farm lard. (I am used to being someone who easily scandalize very different groups at the same time if it’s about food.)

I try to bring other people’s existing quotes in the future but I couldn’t resist.

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@Shinita, I had just copied the url to this entire post of yours and was gonna share the whole thing as a Quote of the Day, and then I saw it was MADE in the Quote of the Day thread! LOL! I love everything about the way you express yourself in writing, because it is exactly the way my brain operates! I am just impressed that your fingers can keep up with your brain!
Rock on!

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Things that make you go. “Hmmm :thinking: Learn something new every day here. Squeaking cheese! Thanks, @Janie
What Did You Keto Today? Part IV

(Robin) #42

@Sailboarderr, Nice to hear from someone who has been at this enough years to have this outlook:
“What started as work years ago is now just simple living… and the health improvements/benefits have been miraculous…”

(April Siokos) #43

I love it! @Sailboarderr

(Robin) #44

YOu don’t get this quality advice just anywhere! Thanks @islandlight

(Laurie) #45

It’s not advice!