Best quote of the day, anyone?

(Robin) #1

Let’s share some great quotes we see here every day. You know the ones… clever, needs it’s own tee-shirt, funny, motivational, inspirational, etc.

For instance…
@Shinita recently had one of her fabulous free flowing train-of-thought posts. She ended with something like, “Well, I think I have managed to over-explain that.”

@Iskandar recently bemoaned the havoc being wrought by a lack of pirates. (I’ll find the post and share the exact quote.)

And @FrankoBear, (often eloquent) shared these words describing his day… Walking barefoot in the sand and ocean”. “Ribs cooked over a wood fire.” “If only I could bottle this light.” He also quipped: “Hang on, Billie is vomiting, I better go and see if she has been eating kangaroo poo again…”

@PaulL Good ol’ Paul recently replied, “Well, they’re called appetizers for a reason…” (Cracked me up. Too true.)

And I would love to know the Original Poster who said,
“If you eating under 20g of carbs and breathing, you are in ketosis.”

You got the idea. Have at it!

(Robin) #2

“When I eat, I eat. I don’t snack.”


Here’s an oldie, but still good.

The first line I guess could be the catch phrase, but the rest is good context. I was thinking about this, while eating some perfectly cooked (not crispy) bacon, at lunch today.

(Robin) #4

Hah! And true!
Except it’s bacon. Can you really go wrong?

(Robin) #5

@islandlight is figuring things out… Here’s her quote:
“I wonder if I can figure out a way to stay out of trouble while still getting appropriate rest.”

LOL… always a challenge.

(Bob M) #6

Except that I order appetizers only because I’m hungry. They are something that takes less time to cook. Not to make me hungry.

(Bob M) #7

And when Paul made that comment, it did not advance the conversation in any way. If eating causes one to be hungry, why? Why don’t ALL people have the same effect? If this is hormonal, is there any way to take this into account so you eat less? Is it leptin? Some other hormone? What?

Simply saying that appetizers = hunger, even if true (for some, not all), it’s unhelpful.

It’s like the CICOphants who say that keto works because you eat less. So? The real question is, WHY?

(Robin) #8

I shared @PaulL’s quote in this specific thread because it is catchy and funny. (And for many of us, it is true. Regardless of the “why”.)


Appetizers also have to be mindset with ‘more to come’ so it is a very good way to make great money on a very small amt of food for any restaurant, they want you to order and alot of them…plus that entree :slight_smile:

for me now, I order appetizers as my meal, but not alot of times this suits me but if bacon wrapped scallops are on that list or plain chicken type appetizers then yea I am in…other than that, an appetizer means nothing to me, they are meant to be ‘set ups’ from marketing to get the salivary glands juicing, and they do…after that, people eat alot more than they ever would all thru sight, smell, contentment and while in conversation and fun times eating out all sense of food and real life go out the window :wink:

remember an appetizer to US who know better is not what it would be to the ‘old us’ either or for so many out there. OMG I am hungry now just talking appetizers LOL

(Joey) #10

No doubt we’ve all said it originally.

Good thread.

(Robin) #11

Agree. But somewhere there is an OP who’s thinking he/she oughta be getting some cred. :thinking:

(Doug) #12

No, Bob. Keto (can) work because it better enables some people to have the “calories in” coming from their own stored fat.

Because lower insulin levels, on the level of individual cells, can have the effect of reducing or eliminating the amount of triglycerides being stored in those cells, and also can have the effect of increasing the amount of stored fat being taken from those cells.

(Robin) #13

So far, @FrankoBear has my vote for best quote and a bonus illustration!

(Joey) #14

And we are :wink:

(Old Baconian) #15

It appears to be part of the general human condition, hence my remark. The concept of an “appetiser” is that it is something to stimulate our appetite and get our juices flowing for the main meal.

Dr. Phinney has long advocated eating to satiety, which means eating only when hungry, and not for other reasons (such as from emotional need or because the clock says it’s dinner-time). Myself, I find that on keto I stop being hungry long before my belly is full. But if I choose to eat something while not yet hungry again, it stimulates my appetite, because I do have room for more. One of the satiety hormones is secreted by the stomach when it is stretched full, so if there weren’t room, I probably wouldn’t get hungry. I haven’t tested this, because I just don’t get hungry enough to fill my belly anymore, even on days when my appetite is high.

I see this as an evolutionary adaptation, to stock up on food while it is available. If that extra food is mostly protein and fat, there is no problem, because insulin will cause the energy to be temporarily stored, but there is no carbohydrate to keep it elevated, so insulin will naturally drop and allow the stored energy to be used. I find that if I am moved to eat a great deal one day, my appetite is naturally low the next. Studies of the correlation between appetite and energy expenditure on an ad libitum diet have shown that, while the correlation between food intake and energy expenditure is not very close over 24 hours, over any given 168- to 192-hour period, the correlation is stunningly accurate.

Of course, if the extra food is mostly carbohydrate, the fat-storage response from the elevated serum insulin kicks in, and we don’t use the stored energy, instead retaining it. This is probably, in evolutionary terms, a remnant of the hibernate-for-the-winter reflex.

In terms of the variability of my own appetite, I have stopped worrying about the level of my appetite and the resulting caloric intake, because my weight remains stable within the same ten-pound (4.5 kg) range, and the fluctuations seem to be completely unrelated to food consumption (as long as I avoid carbohydrate, of course).


THIS! and go out to eat and smell the smells and if it ain’t all geared at getting your money from your wallet at all costs HAHA

and it does :slight_smile: Science to make you do this or that. Pavlov’s dogs.

(Robin) #17

Yes, it’s early, but I’m calling it for today… this quote from @Azi
“I went back to buy more lamb shanks but there was none so I bought clothes instead haha …”

I need to go grocery shopping with Linda.

(Robin) #18

Multiple best quotes… This from @PaulL
“ I chuckled heartily at Dr. Paul’s Mason’s line about using fibre to treat constipation: “Constipation is like a traffic jam, and fibre is like adding more cars to the road. How is that going to help the traffic jam?”

(That’s been my experience too)

(Robin) #19

Here’s another share-worthy witticism from @Carnivoor

“Honey doesnt have a mother.
Bees collect it from plants and spit it out again in their hive.
(ok there is a bit more to it)”

(Robin) #20

Quoting @Fangs…“THE best bathroom experience of my life!”
(Yes, please)