Anyone who went skiing before?

(Scarlett Hyde) #1

So, as you know, the holidays are fast approaching, in fact, I have only 2 weeks till I break up for the holidays. There is a chance that we will go Turkey and will go skiing but we’re not sure yet. Either way, if there is something I specialise in, then it’s preparation, and I would like to be prepared. Actually, this trip was another factor that got me to push for weight loss, in the past, I used to focus on long time achievements and that made me lose motivation and fall back to my eating habits, this was a closer goal to achieve. I wanted to lose some weight before going skiing as my brother told me about his ski trip and how it is harder when you are heavier. Anyway, anybody have any tips for skiing? Anything will be helpful, even tips on dealing with actual deep snow and cold weathers as I’ve never experienced an actual deep snow.

(Allan Misner) #2

I haven’t skied since I was a kid, but I can offer a couple of tips:

  1. Keep your knees soft. If you’re still carrying extra weight, your knees can take a beating.
  2. Stay hydrated and make sure you’re getting your electrolytes. Very cold weather can dehydrate us just like hot weather does.


(Scarlett Hyde) #3

Thanks for replying, at the moment, I’m drinking 1.5 litres of water a day. What do you mean when you say keep your knees soft? Do you mean to keep them relaxed while skiing?

(Allan Misner) #4

Yes, let the muscles carry the load rather than your knees.

And realize you may need to increase your water intake in the cold weather. Especially if your evenings are going to include any adult beverages.

(Scarlett Hyde) #5

I am already planning on increasing my water intake. I see what you mean about the knees now, it’s sort of similar with kicks in kickboxing, you wouldn’t want to put pressure on your knees but rather use your calves and thighs. Thanks again. Also, I’m still much too young for adult beverages and I’m planning on never touching any form of alcohol even when I’m older as it goes against my religion. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to reply.

(Allan Misner) #6

I’m so used to training people over 40 that I don’t even think someone under 21 would be using Keto to turn their lives around. Good for you!

Enjoy Turkey. It is a beautiful country.

(Scarlett Hyde) #7

Thanks, I love snow so it will be very likely that i will enjoy Turkey. Also I think I might be one of the youngest members here, I want to turn my life around before my GCSEs and along with weight loss, I want to be able to control my stress as I am a wreck when it comes to exams. Another reason I’m here is because of my epilepsy but that is not the main reasons since my medication I was put on subsides the seizures anyway.


I went skiing ONCE in middle school. I participated in volleyball, track and softball so I was in as much shape as a young person could be but after one day on the slopes (the whole day to learn and then to ski) I couldn’t walk. I woke up the next day and fell down, my dumb thighs were so sore. My advice is practice the position you’ll be in (squat) until your vacation so it isn’t ruined with sore muscles and recovery time on your trip!

(Scarlett Hyde) #9

That is really good advice, my brothers spoke about sore legs but he didn’t delve into it and they didn’t do actual skiing, mostly just lessons and slowly inching their way down the slope.
So I’ll practice the squat position until I’m comfortable with it.


I’m scared for this season, as well :wink: I’m a snowboarder and at my lowest weight…i was always between 70 and 75 kg in my teens and 20s, now I’m at 66 :slight_smile: i’m 175 cm tall with 41-sized foot, so I always stuck to male snowboards… I dont know how I’ll handle my board this year :joy: I do work out, so I have some muscle, but i’ll have to hit the baby slopes on the first day :joy:

Ps: Always, ALWAYS, listen to your body and dont push it…it’s best to do 2 hours of up and down and spend the rest of the day relaxing than pushing it just for the sake of the daily pass. As soon as I feel I can’t control my board anymore, I call it a day-we’re older, we should be smarter :wink:

(Scarlett Hyde) #11

1.65m and 88kg, highest I’ve been when the trip was planned was 100kg so it’s a little better, I’ll try not to push my body, I’m sure we will be taking breaks and stops and etc. I have quite big feet so I might end up with the men skis as well, I think women are evolving to have huge feet, like most of my class are size 40-41 and then my teachers are like size 30.

(Troy) #12

Tip: Besides, just don’t eat the yellow snow

Agree w
This above from @Meerkatsandy no doubt!

It’s been a LONG time though
Hum, I remember going on 3-5 ski pass trips🤔

Day 1 and day 2…Going all out up and down , rushing. Yipee :grin:…fun until…
by day 3 in the AM . Done!!..good night
STILL pushed through it. Dumb lol
Soar as heck legs. I was fairly active too outside of skiing

Day 4 - hello sky lodge :tired_face:…I will be staying here today w my friends Miss Bloody Mary and Mr Gin Tonic

Day 5 - Maybe a half ( baked ) ski day-jk , then back to the lodge in recovery mode

Just enjoy your trip
Take lots of pics
And be safe🙂


Skis are more height-dependent and bindings more weight-dependent, if I remember correctly​:thinking:. Snowboards are more feet-problematic, due to the width of the board-you dont want your boots sticking out too far. I’ve been snowboarding for 20 years…last time I skied, carving was still in the “idea” phase :joy: If you plan on renting, I’m sure they’ll get you the proper combination :slight_smile:

Have a wonderful time :slight_smile:


I agree with your week breakdown :joy: day 3 really is the worst :joy:
I dont think I could pull off a whole week-one weekend might be enough :wink:

Don’t eat yellow snow and dont do dumb&dumber tongue trick :joy:

(Ken) #15

You should be doing leg exercises now to loosen up your legs. Then the actual skiing won’t be such a shock. It will help prevent stiffness once you’re on your trip.

(Scarlett Hyde) #16

I’ll start doing that now. Thanks