Anyone used Apple One Drop app?

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I am managing my type 2 diabetes successfully by eating keto and it is working well. I have a very good looking scar from my recent knee replacement surgery which I attribute to staying in ketosis in hospital (no mean feat).
I have started looking for easier ways to monitor and came across this possibility when I was checking out an Apple watch for tracking distance walking in the pool which I plan to do next week.

This has been brought on by being discharged form hospital with no rehab…am at home doing it myself with occasional physio consults. Complicated by a thrice dislocated shoulder after the knee surgery (don’t ask!).
I am in Australia and the rehabs are full cause the elective surgery list re-opened and hordes of people are having their surgery after waiting throughout last year.

Has anyone used one of these watches and was it helpful?
Currently I am not an Apple user but am exploring. I am into simplicity…I am not a geek and I am 70 years old, looking for function not fashion.

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Pretty sure Apple watches only pair with iPhones, Apple are douches like that. That said, I’m all about the trackers but as somebody with an iPhone myself, I don’t like the Apple watches. The Garmins are much better IMO. Garmins are actually rated for swimmingas well, not sure if the Apple watches are or not.

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Thanks Ifod14.
I am interested in the One Drop app specifically for diabetes…

The watch I could use to track my distance walking in the hydrotherapy pool,… to use the watch you need to link it with the phone.

I have no problem with Apple but wondered if anyone has used the app. Its expensive to get set up and then discover the One Drop app is useless …and I don’t know anyone who has used it.