Any workouts for arms and legs?

(Scarlett Hyde) #1

For me arms are a priority as it’s getting close to grading for kickboxing (around a month or so) and I really need to strengthen my arms more than my legs, seems to me just running like a maniac up the stairs in school in order to not be marked late are doing me a favour because my calves are getting very muscled and the new kata I’m learning (our club combines kickboxing with karate) is helping my thighs a lot since we literally have to stay in a perfect squat until our Sensei lets us move to the next move, usually this takes a long time since she is helping someone else’s posture while we are dying in the same squat position (we won’t dare move in front of her). Anyway, I really need to strengthen my arms and at the moment, I still can’t do one push-up which is one of my long life goals. Anyway, do any of you have any good workouts that work for you? It will be greatly appreciated, the only dumbbells I have are 2 ‘1.5kg’ ones and I don’t go to the gym as I’m already so busy with kickboxing, exams, and sometimes swimming but I might start to incorporate swimming weekly. It will be a huge help, also, shall I start with knee-pushups to start actually doing push-ups?

(Sheri Knauer) #2

What I would do is start doing wall pushups (lean against the wall), then move to counter pushups (pushups leaning on the counter), then move to pushups on the floor on your knees, then to regular, on your toes pushups. Only move up a level when you feel like you can easily do 10. Pushups are a great exercise for overall upper body and mid body workouts.

(Scarlett Hyde) #3

Thanks a lot! I remember my brother trying to do that then giving up. I’ll use that approach instead of the knee push-ups as I really want to start to be able to do at least 10 full push-ups. For some reason, push-ups were a big deal in our family, one of my brothers could do them, my little sister could do it, it felt like everybody could do it except me. I want to change that. I’ll try that. I think I can already do wall push-ups comfortably so that’s good, thanks a lot!


Buy some resistance bands. I do a series of different arm exercises using them. Very low impact exercises.

(Sheri Knauer) #5

Great! When you go from not being able to do any pushups to immediately “on the floor” pushups" it can get discouraging. If you start on the wall and slowly transition to eventually on the floor after you are able to do the wall, then counter pushups, I think that would be more helpful. Do some everyday, several times a day, in groups of 10. If you can’t do 10, do 5. Good luck!

(Scarlett Hyde) #6

Hmmm, I saw some of those on amazon, I’ll hunt around for some and give them a try. Thanks for the suggestion!


If you get them, go on youtube and you’ll find a ton of resistance band workout videos to get you started.

(Scarlett Hyde) #8

Thanks! I’ll check it out, I have a few dumbbells so I’ll check out some workouts with them on a YouTube as well.

(Daisy) #9

8 years ago I started with half a push-up and half a chin-up. When I was actually working out (trying to get back into it now), I eventually worked my way up to 30 push-ups and 30 chin-ups. I quit often and have to start back between 1 and 5. I just started trying to do (anything) again yesterday. I did 3 push-ups lol. Today I did 4. It’s discouraging, but I’ll get back there. Eventually.
But start with 1/2. Until you can do 1. Then work up to 2, then 3, then…well you get the picture lol. Good luck!