Any other LGBT+ people here?

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #21

Thanks Kaitlynne, but I was making fun of myself for the body odor and change in deodorant I talked about in my accountability thread. But I totally agree with what you’re saying. (I’m probably confusing people!) :laughing:


Not personally, but have family members who are. I’m just stopping in to show my support. ~hugs

(Pam ) #23

“I read that as aromatic…”

I did too…rofl!!!

(Jane Srygley) #24

Bisexual as well howdy :smiley: :rainbow_flag:

(Marsha) #25

Lesbian here – although I usually go by Femme. (And I’m a lucky, lucky Femme who is partnered with a handsome Butch who is also keto!)