28 Day Keto Challenge


Hey guys, so I’m about to start my Keto journey and want to invest in a meal plan for the first month so I have some structure to follow.

What is the best source for these plans? I want to make an investment into a detailed, professional plan so that I have made a financial commitment to keep me motivated. Has anyone tried this “28 Day Keto Challenge” (http://bit.ly/2EYyqyA) - if so, is it worth it?

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That’s completely a waste of money. Keep your carb intake below 20 a day and keep it simple.

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Invest in some steaks, ground meat, chicken thighs, bacon, butter and eggs. Keep your carbs under 20 grams per day and don’t worry about calories. Eat meaningful meals that leave you satisfied, try not to snack and be mindful of maintaining your electrolytes.

There’s a ton of ideas regarding what to eat in this thread:


I suggest you join dietdoctor.com, if you want a money motivator, $10 a month, meal plans, recipes, expert advice, success stories etc. I do it for all the documentaries they put up, great resources. Oh and the infographs with carb counts, too.

Marie Emmerich has a good program, I have no idea what it costs, but she is very well respected in the keto community.

Never heard of that group you referenced.


Some of these programs and challenges can be quite intimidating when it comes to ingredients and preparation. I suggest you just go with plain old simple ingredients until you get used to the diet. Maria does have some good books, but many of her recipes are replacing SAD and calclating macros can be quite difficult, especially when it comes to portion control.

Like others said, buy meats, good fats (butter, lard, EVOO, coconut oil), eggs and green veggies, cheese, cold cuts, whatever you prefer…keep the diet and preperation simple, tweak as you go along and learn what works best for you :slight_smile:
You dont need expensive flours, sweeteners, etc.

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Or you could buy a book which will be yours forever but also give you a place to start.

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First post, link to a paid plan. Legit question or spam?


Hi Jay, we can’t help you evaluate the plan itself without seeing the details of the program, and certainly all the things they promise you can find on here for free. However, I might be the outlier here to say that even though you don’t need to do this, this program (or another like it) could be a nice way to start things off if it seems appealing to you and you like the detailed guidance. It’s not crazy expensive and might give you the structure you’re wanting.


Thanks Madeleine! What do you use for meal inspo??


Awesome thank you!!! I’m gonna research Marie now


I’ve been LC for a long time so I don’t really think about it anymore personally, but there are several threads on here labeled some version of “What did you keto today” and you will see lots and lots of meal ideas.

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Financially commit yourself by buying some nice rib eye steaks, bacon, eggs broccoli, cabbage cauliflower etc. and if you really want to make a commitment that will help you stick with the program you can do that for free by getting your garbage can and a few boxes, and filling them with the carb laden processed foods in your home. And I mean all of it. That’s a commitment that’s financial, getting rid of unhealthy foods you’ve already paid for. I was a bit of a disaster prep person living in central California I had a well stocked pantry that I could have easily lived on for two months. Pasta, canned beans and soups…,I packed 7 big boxes and gave it to a local church food bank for destitute families. I gave a bag or two of stuff already opened to a couple of friends and the rest went to the land fill. It made me feel good about getting rid of things I knew as a keto eater would never be acceptable again.

Then I bought appropriate foods and went from there. You can use google for almost anything you like and attach the word keto to it and you’ll get dozens of recipe choices if you’re craving something like lasagna or pizza, or even mashed potatoes. Keep things simple and stay on this forum and you’ll find all the guidance you need. Great people here will help you work through any questions or difficulties you encounter.

Invest your money in quality foods, keto is free other than food costs. And I think it should stay that way. I hate the commercialization of keto. Avoid products that say KETO on the label until you can better scrutinize the ingredients list. Keto is also about being knowledgeable about what you’ putting into your body and the easiest way to do that is keeping it simple with single ingredient food choices prepared at home. But a cheap digital kitchen scale and load an app like Cronometer onto your smartphone and learn about foods that you’re consuming.

I just gave you a keto challenge, (I hate this word in relation to keto because it isn’t a challenge, it’s easy) for your entire life for free, best wishes for your keto lifestyle success. :cowboy_hat_face:

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If you need a plan and accountability, I recommend Ketogenic Girl’s 28-day plan (I believe it includes access to her Facebook group). KetoConnect is another good resource.