100 Days of Omad Completed

(Demitha) #1

completed my first 100 days of omad, 19KG Down :innocent:

(Robin) #2

Wow. Congrats!
You got this!

(Joey) #3

Awesome! :+1:
(Where’d you find that tracking app? :wink: )

(Demitha) #4


(Demitha) #5

thanks :innocent:

(Bob M) #6

Impressive! Nice handwriting, too.


Congrats!!! (I should take OMAD more seriously myself… I try to use your success as some extra motivation, I can use every tiny help!)

(Edith) #8

What were your results for that 100 days of OMAD. Did you notice any changes?

(Robin) #9

Haha! We were all so mesmerized by the 10pm day feat and chart, we forgot to ask for the results!

(Demitha) #10

blood sugars were at 220 when i started, now at 68 without medication and 21KG down for today

(Bob M) #11

Very impressive! (Up from merely “impressive”. :wink:)